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Tips for Emiratis travelling to Russia with Visa-on-arrival

Posted on February 27, 2019
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Emirati nationals are now being offered Visa-on-arrival by Russia. They can arrive in Russia without having a prior Visa. UAE nationals may now be considering travelling to Russia for their vacations this year due to the Visa-on-arrival. Here we present some useful tips to them before they book flight tickets and start packing their backpacks.

Etihad Airways, Flydubai, and Emirates Airlines have direct flights to different cities in Russia that includes St. Petersburg and Moscow. The journey time for these flights ranges between 5 to 6 hours. This is depending upon whether you are travelling from Abu Dhabi or Dubai. It must be noted that the UAE is ahead of Russia by 1 hour.

It is also advisable that Emiratis travel to these cities when there are no major holidays. This is because they empty out during these times, as quoted by the Stepfeed.

Russia has several hidden treasures for overseas travellers. These include Lake Baikal, Sochi, and Golden Ring of Russia. Emiratis can purchase the Tourist Pass to save some money. This offers a diverse range of benefits to travellers. Some of them are free admissions to excursions and museums, discounts for restaurants and taxis and many other advantages.

People Taxi is also offered by Russia. This permits travellers to stop impede nearly any car on the road and take the journey. The prices for these rides are negotiable. There are also diverse modes of public transport that overseas travellers can choose from. These include Bus, the Metro, and Tram.

Emiratis who travel to Moscow must ensure to purchase a card known as Troika. This permits them to pay automatically for their commutation. There is a similar card known as the Podorozhnik in St. Petersburg. You can always go for Uber and a local app known as Yandex Taxi if you prefer commuting by taxi.

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