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Tips for Newcomers to find a job in Canada within their fields

Posted on November 17, 2021
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Canada is being continuously trended as a “land of opportunities.” The friendly immigration policies and the support for the settlement of newcomers have made it a top immigrant-friendly nation in the world. The country also offers bright chances for foreign nationals for a better settlement.

Few people will immigrate along with job offers, but few immigrate to the country without a job offer. These newcomers in Canada might be confused with lots of questions in their minds. They might think the job search process is different compared to the native country.

Do not worry at all. Y-Axis is here to assist new immigrants as well as the people who are willing to migrate to Canada with a job offer. Here are the tips to start your career in Canada related to your profession. Follow these tips to stand out from the crowd and increase the chances of success.

Tips for finding jobs in prominent sectors in Canada

Canada offers many opportunities to fulfill the labor market needs as it has an incredible number of growing industries. Here is the list of top-in-demand occupations in Canada, where you can explore the tips to get the right job.

Financial Sector in Canada 

If you are looking for a career in retail banking or the securities trading sector, it is better to get Canadian securities course certification. This really helps you to secure a job in the banking sector.

If you are searching for jobs in Financial Services in Canada, visit our Y-Axis job search page to find the right path.

IT Sector in Canada

After the 2020 dips, the jobs in the IT sector have hiked by 30%. In the new normal, almost every sector requires an IT field. In Canada, the IT sector has become mandatory for every field, right from ministries to classrooms. It has a huge number of openings for both short-term contracting and full-time. Canada is a developed country and is now more concentrating on the development of IT zone. Hence, there are huge openings for Tech jobs in Canada, and the country is also encouraging more and more start-ups, specifically in the IT sector.

If you are having specializations in any of the fields like

  • Development
  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance

Then you can grab the Tech job market in Canada. Need detailed information to kick start your career in the IT field in Canada. Contact Y-Axis, which assists you in defining yourself as an expert in your skills.

Healthcare Sector in Canada

Healthcare is another in-demand sector in Canada. The jobs vacancies in the Health Care sector in Canada are all-time high because Canadians strongly believe that health is their wellbeing.

In this, you need to decide which province you are interested to work in, and then you need to get the professional licensing and accreditation related to that particular province. Professional licensing and accreditation differ for every province based on the demand for healthcare workers.

Y-Axis gives you complete assistance to find jobs in the health care sector. Go through the Y-Axis Health Care services job search page right away.

Skilled Trades Sector in Canada

According to the reports from BetterDwelling, there are 60,000 openings for trade workers, and in 2028, around 700,000 tradespersons will be retired. These massive vacancies in the Skilled Trade sector will create an easy path to find jobs.

Make a note that every province and territory in Canada has unique criteria. Apart from this, every employer needs on-the-job training and experience too.

So, it is better to decide the province or territory in which you are willing to work and the specificities to acquire the jobs. For each province and territory, the requirements for specific skill trade differs. Hence you need to have a better understanding before applying and searching for a job in the Skilled Trades sector in Canada.

If you are confused in choosing the right job in the Skilled Trade sector in Canada, contact Y-Axis.

Y-Path is exclusively designed for candidates who need assistance to find the right path to excel in their careers.

Transportation and Logistics sector in Canada

Jobs in the Transportation and Logistics sector in Canada are always in high demand, and as a newcomer, you can find them very quickly, with very good wages. If you have the expertise as a dispatcher or a truck driver, then you can find these jobs effortlessly.

What services do Y-Axis offer? 

You can get services offered by Y-Axis to make your path easy. Y-Axis offers services like

  • Resume writing: Y-Axis resume writing services, skips designing a generic resume and polishes your resume with a concise employment list. It tailors your resume according to the profession you apply to.
  • Linked-In marketing service: In today’s world, most of the high end companies are using linked in to hire professionals. Y-Axis gives top priority to market your resume in linked-in, where you will be easily hired by the large cooperates.
  • Coaching for getting language proficiency: Y-Axis is proved as the best in training individuals for language proficiency. It delivers top world-class coaching designed to score high scores, which boosts the chances of achieving success.
  • Job search assistance: Y-Axis assists in finding high-paying jobs in Canada in all employment types like full-time, part-time, permanent, contract, etc., in behemoth companies. It will support you in all the possible ways to find a secured job in the place you are willing to live in Canada.
  • Interview practice: Y-Axis has a proficient team that prepares you to face the interview process with ease and return with a positive result. 

If you need resources to find a job and start the exciting journey as a newcomer in Canada, Y-Axis is here to give you what you need. Contact Y-Axis right now to excel in the future.

If you are willing to

Talk to Y-Axis right now, the World’s No.1 Immigration & Visa Company.

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