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Tips for the day of the IELTS Exam

Posted on January 20, 2020
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Taking the IELTS exam can be stressful for many. It is best to be prepared for your IELTS test by having an idea of what your day exactly looks like.

Here are some tips you should follow on the day of the IELTS exam:

  1. Sleep and eat well

The IELTS exam is long and takes approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes for listening, reading and writing modules. You are not given any breaks between the tests. So, it is important that you have eaten and slept well to keep up your concentration levels during the test.

  1. Clothes

Make sure that you wear something comfortable on the day of your IELTS exam. The test room could have airconditioning running making it cold; hence, it is advisable to carry an extra layer of clothing with you.

  1. Drink

You can carry a beverage in the test room, provided it is in a transparent bottle.

  1. Arrive early

Find out how long it takes to reach your IELTS test centre and the exact time your test will be held. Make sure you are not late, or you may not be allowed to enter the test room. Hence, arrive at your test centre with enough time to spare.

  1. Toilet

Since there are no breaks during the listening, reading and writing tests, it is best to go to the toilet before sitting for the test. You may be allowed to go to the toilet during your test, but it will cost you valuable time. This may adversely affect your scores.

  1. No phones

You cannot take any mobile phones or other electronic devices into the test room.

  1. Pen, pencil and eraser

Make sure you have enough pens, pencils and an eraser with you while going for the test. You will not be allowed to take any other paper or dictionary with you. For the speaking test, you can take nothing but your ID.

  1. ID

Make sure to take your passport or any other ID that the test centre accepts. You will not be allowed to enter the test room unless you furnish your ID.

  1. Listen to instructions

Before you begin your IELTS exam, make sure you listen to all the instructions.

  1. Clock

You will not be allowed to take a watch into the test room. However, there will be a clock in the test room. Make sure you check it to time your reading and writing tests.

  1. Disability

If you suffer from any disability that may affect your IELTS exam, speak to your test centre well ahead of your exam date.

  1. Be calm and focus

Be calm and focus on understanding all the techniques that you need to use on your IELTS exam.

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