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Tips to achieve your desired score in IELTS speaking section

Posted on June 23, 2020
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The IELTS Speaking Test has 3 parts. In part 1 you should expect personal questions about familiar topics, for example about your work or studies, your home, your family, etc.

In Part 2 you will have to talk about a single subject for 1 to 2 minutes. You will be given four bullet points that you will cover in your speech. You get a preparation time of 1 minute, and you can write down some ideas to talk about.

Part 3 is a longer discussion; in which the examiner asks you questions about the topic in Part 2. You are supposed to offer longer, more detailed replies, and elaborate on the topics the examiner brings up.

Here are some tips to help you do well in all the three parts of the speaking test:

Expand your knowledge: Talk to a person who is truly well versed in the language and has a rich vocabulary and uses it to improve one’s speaking abilities. This will help you acquire knowledge of the proper use of words. A timely response will help you gain a firm grip on using words and vocabulary.

Use the power of repetition: Learning something repeatedly helps one remember well and reproduce it at any given time. You can view videos on brief discussions on any subject, small speeches, and formal or informal discussions on any specific topic at hand.

Work on your own personal style: Try to imitate some of the person’s words, but don’t try to emulate the style of speaking, as this might not always be effective. You can try to give short talks on any given subject for a good start, and gradually increase the frequency and duration of your speech. Another very important thing is you should necessarily concentrate on aspects such as word stress, rhythm, intonation.

Avoid memorizing your speech: Speaking naturally helps build confidence and assertiveness, reflecting your distinct personality. If you give memorized speeches, the examiner won’t have a good impression. You can practice with your friends before the test day.

Learn to relax: Relax before talking and use facial expressions when required. Appear natural and face the examiner with a smile. This helps control your nervousness and makes you approach the test with greater confidence.

The speaking test involves face-to-face communication. You can improve your speaking skills only with good practice. Take the help of friends and family who are fluent in the language for your practice.

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