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Tips to improve GMAT score to get into your dream college

Posted on November 17, 2018
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Preparing for GMAT is no easy task. To improve GMAT score, devoting enough time to practice and preparation is a must. Candidates are often struck with a question: how to ace the exam? Let’s have a look at some tips to help you get started.

  1. Know the test format

The exam has four sections –

  • Analytical Writing Assessment – tests your ability to think and communicate your thoughts
  • Integrated Reasoning – tests your ability to analyze data in different formats
  • Quantitative Reasoning – tests your ability to draw conclusions from data
  • Verbal Reasoning – tests your ability to understand written material

Knowing the format is essential before you can plan your preparation strategy.

  1. Know how much time you’ll have

For writing assessment, you’ll have 30 minutes for 1 question. For integrated reasoning, you’ll get 30 minutes for 12 questions. You’ll be given 62 minutes for 31 questions in the quantitative reasoning section. For verbal reasoning, you’ll have 65 minutes for 36 questions.

Now you should know how to practice your exercises keeping track of time.

  1. Estimate preparation time

As reported by The Times of India, 30% of the candidates put in four to six weeks of preparation time. An average of 4 weeks should be enough for recent graduates to get prepared for the exam. However, working candidates may need more than 6 weeks of time. Hence, plan accordingly.

  1. Make a study schedule

Map a schedule. Figure out what time of the day is best for you to study. Don’t allow any room for distractions during that time.

  1. Always start with basics

Learn the basics of each section before digging deep into them. Refrain from taking mock tests right at the beginning. It might discourage you.

  1. Evaluate yourself

Once you have prepared for a particular section, evaluate yourself. The more tests you take, the more you’ll be confident about taking the exam. This, in turn, will better your GMAT score.

The above tips will guide you to prepare for the test. Remember, your GMAT score should be exceptionally good to get into the college of your dream. More than 500 MBA colleges and 250 MS Colleges accept GMAT score. Hence, keep practicing until your reach perfection!

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