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Tips to tackle the GMAT online exam

Posted on June 25, 2020
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Online GMAT Coaching

Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), the owner and administrator of the GMAT has decided to close many test centers across the world. However, it has decided to conduct the GMAT exam online as a temporary solution for candidates to take the test in their homes.

In order to take the online GMAT exam, your computer must be suited to the GMAT system requirements. The online GMAT exam has a similar structure and duration like the offline exam. It uses the same scoring algorithm.

The online test will be supervised by a human proctor to ensure you do not cheat.

Here is some more information on the online exam for GMAT

To take the online GMAT exam, you will need a fast internet connection, a camera on your computer and a quiet room.

The online exam is different from the conventional GMAT exam in many aspects.

There is no writing section in the online exam but all the other sections –Quant, Verbal and Integrated reasoning are included in the test with no option to change the number of questions or change the time limit. In the online test, you will have no option to change the order of the GMAT sections that you want to attempt, you will have to first take the Quant section first followed by Verbal and Integrated reasoning.

There is also an online whiteboard that allows you to type notes on the computer screen.

Tips to prepare for the online exam

Do your GMAT practice in the same room at which you will take the exam.

Use the same monitor on which you will be taking the exam. Text tends to stretch across the screen on larger monitors and buttons are more difficult to find so a laptop or smaller monitor might be better for you.

If your mouse has multiple buttons (e.g. on the side) make sure that they are disabled so that only the left and right buttons can be used.

Resize the whiteboard online where appropriate. It may cover portions of your screen — including important confirmation pages when you are ready to move on to the next section!

The best GMAT training courses will provide personalized study tips tailored to your needs. They will provide personal feedback to help you achieve your desired GMAT score.

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