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Top 10 Companies that embraced work from home forever

Posted on October 14, 2022
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Highlights of top 10 companies switched to forever work from home (WFH)

  • Most offices or companies permitted their employees to work from home during the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus and this is continuing.
  • Now, as the things are getting normal some companies like tech giants have decided to put an end to the WFH option.
  • Some of the biggest tech giants in India have switched to permanent WFH culture to provide employees with comfortable work.

Top 10 Companies that switched WFH (Work from Home)

Companies have been allowing WFH during the pandemic. Because the situation is getting normal, a few of the tech giants are trying to end the work-from-home culture.

Now Remote work is the new normal for most employees. If they have been given a chance of having a choice to choose higher salaries or the WFH option, many are choosing the latter.

But there is another section of the employees who are missing hanging out during coffee breaks with their colleagues.

WIPRO and TCS puts an end to WFH

Like other IT giants including TCS, Wipro in India requested their employees to come back to the office at least three times a week.  

List of 10 companies that opted forever work from home for the employees


The CEO of Twitter, Parag Agrawal, declared that their employees permanently can work remotely. The decision of traveling for businesses, attending events, the place where you work, everything can be an employee’s decision.

Tata Steel

The Tata steel company that is led by Ratan Tata has made a decision to WFH (Work from home) which was effective from November 2020.

This company also renamed this option as the ‘Agile Working Model’.

The Agile Working Model permits employees to work from home 365 days a year.


The CEO of Swiggy, Rohit Kapoor announced a policy for many of the roles in the company. That is a forever work-from-anywhere policy.

The teams like central business functions, corporate, and technology will be working remotely under the W-F-A policy.

These teams can meet each other once every quarter at their base locations for 1-week.


Daniel Ek, the CEO of music streaming service, Spotify announced a new policy for its employees on February 14, 2021.

Spotify, the Swedish audio streaming company, has confirmed that it does not require any employee to come to the office to work anymore, they can work from home or any place.


The Chief Executive Officer of the biggest software group SAP has announced flexible working for around 100,000 employees across the globe due to the positive feedback on remote working he received during the pandemic.


Takahiro Tokita, the CEO of Technology firm, Fujitsu announced that it cut off the size of the office space in japan as it has adapted to the new normal during the pandemic.

Fujitsu named its new normal to the Work-Life Shift program.

Under this new policy, around 80,000 workers in the country are offered unprecedented flexibility.


Mike Cannon-Brookes, the CEO of the $80 billion worth Australian tech giant company Atlassian announced its policy for its job holders to work from anywhere (W-F-A).

Under the new company’s policy ‘Team Anywhere’, the employees have to come to the office 4-times per year.


AWeber, the e-mail marketing service provider that has 100,000 small-business clients across the globe announced a fully remote-first workforce.

Tom Kulzer, AWeber’s Founder and CEO, and the AWeber teams have extended their support and happiness on this decision.

They also claimed it is a good step for the benefit of the company and its customers in future years.


Aquent, a creative and talented staffing agency that has offices in Newport Beach, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and Sand Diego also made an announcement for the work-from-home option.

John Chuang, the Aquent CEO declared to shut most of its locations as part of the new transition work-from-home model.

Around 720 employees of Aquent are given this WFH model option in 2021.


Ramesh Ramadurai, the CEO and Managing director of 3M, a science-based company also have been offering flexibility to its employees.

With this new normal or new model, the employee can come up with his/her own workflow model.

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