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Top 10 Highest Paid Professions in Germany, 2023

Posted on January 31, 2023
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Top 10 Highest Paid Professions in Germany, 2023

Benefits of working in Germany

  • Germany offers an average monthly salary of €4101.
  • Employment rate in Germany is 77.30%.
  • The country has a very high life expectancy of 81.88 years.
  • As of January 2022, employees will be paid an unemployment benefit of €446 per month.

Thousands of immigrants worldwide move to Germany every year, and the number of ex-pats living in Germany has increased to over nine million. German employees are provided various employee benefits like sick leaves, unemployment, maternity, and parental benefits, caregiver benefits, pension plans, health insurance, competitive salaries, etc. As of January 2022, employees will be paid an unemployment benefit of €446 per month in Germany.

The below table shows the average salaries of the top ten highest-paid professions in Germany:

S No Job Title Average Salary
1 Software Developers/ Software Architects/ Programmers Between € 121000 to € 81,000
2 IT Analysts/ Consultants Between € 95,000 to € 73,000
3 Business Managers/ Economists Between € 94,000 to € 75,000
4 Electronic Engineers/ Electricians and Electrical Fitters Between € 92,000 to € 54,000
5 Customer Advisors and Account Managers € 79,000
6 Product Managers/ Sales Managers Between € 78,000 to € 67,000
7 Civil Engineers/ Architects € 75,000
8 Nurses € 63,000
9 Production Assistants € 45,000
10 Sales Assistants € 44,000

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All of these professions require a lot of experience and education. The salary offered is based on responsibility and risk-taking capacity. Let us know more about the top occupations in Germany in detail!

  1. Software Developers/ Software Architects/ Programmers: The Software Developers/ Software Architects/ Programmers are rightly paid between € 121000 to € 81,000. A Software Architect maps the overall design and direction of an allotted project. A Software Developer creates code based on the architect’s vision. And the programmers are the ones who modify and test the codes and scripts and are responsible for adequately functioning the computer application and software. All of these professions face high risk in their everyday work; therefore, the high salaries are very much justified.
  2. IT Analysts/ Consultants: IT Analysts/ Consultants get a salary between € 95,000 to € 73,000. IT Analysts see system upgrades and analyse new tools. On the other hand, Consultants are the ones who advise organizations on the optimum usage of IT to achieve their business objectives. Both these professions require the person to be analytical and understanding of the business needs of an organization. The high pay to these professionals is hence validated.
  3. Business Managers/ Economists: A Business Manager/ Economist draw a salary between € 94,000 to € 75,000. Business Managers direct and manage the personnel of a department by carrying out supervision and performance evaluations. And, Economists study researching trends, evaluate economic issues, analyze data, etc. They are responsible for keeping an organization efficient and productive. No wonder why they are paid such high salaries.
  4. Electronic Engineers/ Electricians and Electrical Fitters: Electronic Engineers/ Electricians and Electrical Fitters in Germany take pay between € 92,000 to € 54,000. Electronic Engineers develop and design electronic equipment like GPS devices, portable music players, etc. Electricians develop and design electrical equipment like bulbs, wires, cables, electrical doorbells, etc. Their salary is highly suitable as they must simultaneously be creative and productive.
  5. Customer Advisors and Account Managers: Customer Advisors and Account Managers get paid € 79,000. A Customer Advisor or an Account Manager is responsible for ensuring that every department of the organization meets all their customer needs. Their job requires a lot of detail and attention. Also, they have to balance what their clients want and what their team can offer. They are rightly paid this salary as they are the ones who are responsible for keeping the business going.
  6. Product Managers/ Sales Managers: Product Managers/ Sales Managers get a take-home salary of between € 78,000 to € 67,000 every year. Product Managers/ Sales Managers are paid correctly for their innovation and customer retention. A Product Manager intends to deliver a complete product experience. And a Sales Manager thinks about the product’s suitability for its customers.
  7. Civil Engineers/ Architects: The Civil Engineers/ Architects are paid € 75,000 annually. A Civil Engineer specializes in geotechnical engineering, water resources engineering, environmental engineering, etc. And an Architect specializes in landscape architecture, industrial architecture, interior architecture, etc. Both these professions require an enormous amount of planning and exact execution.
  8. Nurses: Nurses in Germany get a salary of € 63,000. They work long hours, and their job is very tiring sometimes. Hence their high salary is a perfect fit. The position of a Nurse requires a lot of patience in managing their patients’ physical needs and illnesses. One most prominent traits of being a nurse are compassion and caring.
  9. Production Assistants: The Production Assistants draw a salary of € 45,000 and are responsible for assisting producers and directors in every way possible. Their job might require printing scripts and spreading messages throughout the crew. Their job is very tiring and requires a lot of physical activities.
  10. Sales Assistants: Sales Assistants employed in Germany get a salary of € 44,000. They are responsible for managing the POS system and cash register and assisting customers in finding products in a store. One need not obtain higher education but possess the best communication skills to be a sales assistant.

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