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Top 10 most affordable countries to study abroad

Posted on July 29, 2023
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Why study abroad?

  • Expand career prospects
  • Develop effective communication skills
  • Experience different cultures
  • Become more adaptable
  • Improve professional network
  • Learn to be independent

Top 10 most affordable countries to study abroad

If you want to study abroad without straining your budget, there are certain countries that allow you to do just that. Furthermore, you need not compromise on the quality of education.

The most popular countries among aspiring immigrants to study abroad are Canada, Australia, the United States, Germany, and the UK, among others, for various reasons.


Germany, which is home to reputed educational institutions of higher learning, tops the list of the most affordable countries to study overseas because of the educational policies implemented by its government.

Furthermore, Germany is a welcoming country for overseas students. The other advantage of Germany is that it provides numerous courses in English. Though you can even manage to live in Germany briefly without learning the local language, German, it would be better to learn it to adjust better in the country and even get job opportunities there.

A majority of German public universities provide education without charging tuition fees to students. Students would have to pay fees for applications and registrations.


France is home to affordable universities and is a desired destination for foreign students. This West European country also offers scholarships, financial aid, and others to students from other countries. It is home to more than 3,500 higher educational institutions, most of which are government-funded.


Another cheap country to study in is Denmark. It also offers world-class education to foreign students. Numerous courses are offered here, with English being the medium of instruction as well. A well-developed welfare state, Denmark is also very popular with international students as they are treated well here. Another benefit that students in this high-income country can enjoy is one of the best qualities of life globally.


Norway, a Scandinavian country in North Europe, is renowned for offering affordable education to students from across the world. Home to diverse cultures, it also offers many courses in the English language at its universities.

Ten universities, nine specialized universities, and 24 university colleges offer higher education in Norway.


Poland has become an appealing destination for foreign students who want to pursue world-class education in quality universities. The educational institutions in this country have an inclusive environment. They collaborate with international institutions to offer a dynamic learning environment.


Besides being home to famed universities, Belgium is also one of the most affordable countries to study in. Students who graduate from this West European country can access job opportunities globally. The country is also home to many immigrant-friendly cities. It is renowned for offering courses in various disciplines, such as arts, engineering, medicine, and management. It is home to more than 40 universities, 30 private university colleges, and 400 private colleges. It also houses branch campuses of nine foreign universities.


Malaysia, a Southeast Asian nation, also features among the most desired educational countries in the world. It is a multicultural country that hosts immigrants from across the globe. It also offers quality education and welcomes many foreign students with eased immigration processes.


Argentina, the second-largest country in South America, which is renowned for its tourist spots, is also among the most affordable countries in the world for international students.


Taiwan, an East Asian country renowned for its technological growth, is a sought-after destination for international students as it offers a quality education at affordable rates for international students. The country offers top-rate educational programs with developed research facilities.


Home to one of the oldest civilizations of the world, Mexico, a North American country, is not only a tourist-friendly country, but also among the most affordable countries in the world for international students. The cost of living in Mexico is almost half of what it is in the United States of America. Furthermore, higher educational institutions’ tuition fees are cheaper than this country’s counterparts in Latin America.

Though Spanish is the official language of the country, English is spoken widely.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, students in most of these countries can work while studying. Other countries that are also affordable to study in are the Netherlands, Ireland, and Sweden, which also are student-friendly.

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