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Top 10 reasons to study overseas in the UK

Posted on May 16, 2019
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UK Study Visa

If you are lucky enough to afford, you should definitely consider studying in the UK. Here we present the top 10 reasons to study overseas in the UK

Academic brilliance

The UK ranks number 1 in the study ‘Best Nations for Education 2019’ and is renowned for its academic brilliance. It has 29 Universities out of the top 200 Universities globally.

Working while studying

Overseas students in the UK are permitted to work during their studies. The purpose of the work must, however, be only to complement the student’s income.


The UK Study Visa does not lead to Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK or permanent residence. Nevertheless, there are a few immigration pathways accessible upon completion of studies. These do offer route to ILR.


You will have a high rate of employability immediately upon completion of your studies in the UK. It will make it easier for you to stay in the UK. You will also become highly employable globally as recruiters seek highly qualified graduates.

Spouse or partner

Your unmarried partner or Spouse can accompany you to the UK if you are pursuing a Post-graduate degree.

No age limits

The UK Student Visa has no age limits and it implies it is never too delayed to study overseas in the UK.

No language barrier

As English is the language in the UK, it is easy for overseas students to make the transition due to the absence of a language barrier.

Public transport

University towns and cities in the UK have a system of public transport that is very well developed. It makes life so much affordable and easier for overseas students, as quoted by the South African.


The UK has a very rich cultural heritage. Indians find it very easy to adapt to its culture as they are familiar to it in diverse ways.


There is a vast Diaspora of Indians in the UK as well as Indian communities and shops. This makes it easier when the weather gets extreme or homesickness hits.

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