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The top 10 saving tips from immigrants in the UAE

Posted on May 2, 2019
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The top 10 saving tips from immigrants in the UAE

Here we present some exciting saving tips from immigrants staying in the UAE:

  1. I withdraw a fixed amount of money every month and keep it in an envelope. It is meant for monthly personal expenses such as shoes, clothes, etc – Annette Ansidei from France
  2. Collect all the change, it could be as less as 1 Dirham. When you collect them over a period, you can buy a coffee in a mall or sandwich – Analyn Tupas Esma from the Philippines
  3. Making payments through auto-pay will ensure you do not end up in debt anytime, as quoted by the Gulf News. Also, all basic expenses get paid timely fully avoiding late charges – Darren Farrell from Ireland
  4. Go for regular health check-ups. For example, Dental checkups will avoid filings, dental crowns and root canals that are no fun and expensive.
  5. Flea market sales offer superb bargains. We are used to benefitting from it as we come from France – Annettee Ansidei from France
  6. Regularly get your Car serviced as you can prevent a major-break down suddenly. It is a machine but requires care similar to humans – Mitch Perera from Sri Lanka
  7. It is the job of the Banks to sell and you must learn to say no. Do not fall for banks that sell credit cards continuously and repeatedly – Jarryd Goodman from South Africa
  8. Maximize the usage of your credit card if you are among those who cannot help but have one – Darren Farrell from Ireland
  9. I believe in the Do It Yourself concept, cook your own food and clean your house. This is a big money saver – Annette Ansidei from France
  10. Remember that they make more money from you when you pay in full and not in a package. So look out for package deals as this is a huge money saver if you are a regular visitor to the parlour.

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