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Top 10 things to keep in mind before leaving to study abroad

Posted on August 17, 2023
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Why study abroad?

  • Get insights into a new culture
  • Living by yourself
  • Get to know different perspectives
  • Be ready for work in global work environs
  • Improve your career options
  • Have a unique experience

Top 10 things to keep in mind before leaving to study abroad

Ensure you are ready with the requirements for your travel by obtaining a passport, applying for a visa on time, and check its expiry date is enough for your studying in an overseas country.

Enroll in your courses, book flight tickets, and arrange accommodation in the new country. Each program of study differs from another, though the paperwork is similar for all countries. Know more about your university and your particular course so that you schedule your daily timings.

Plan how you will be commuting daily, know your surroundings, and what you will be doing in your free time. Book your tickets to your study abroad destination in such a way that you get them at the lowest price possible and ensure that you reach there on time to begin your studies.

Update yourself with the new currency

When you are studying abroad, take into consideration the daily expenses and the exchange rate of that country’s currency with that of your home country. Both of them would fluctuate unpredictably. Be prepared for that to incur high expenditure, at times, even if the country you are going to study in is an affordable country.

Keep updating yourself on events in your study-abroad destination

Know how your study abroad destination’s economy is performing and also keep track of all other events happening there. Think about the worst-case scenarios there and what you would do if such a situation was to happen.

Get medical tests done and take all vaccinations necessary

Get all of your medical examinations done and take all the precautions by taking the necessary vaccinations so that you will stay healthy in the country where you will be studying. Also, take proper health insurance that would be applicable in your study abroad country.

Schedule your travel abroad

Book your plane tickets, plan your stay schedule there, and keep them always by your side so that you can travel without stress and conveniently. If you plan everything well in advance, you will be ready for any emergencies that may crop up in the country you would be studying.

Keep all your family members and close friends in the loop

When you are studying abroad, let all your family members and your close friends know where you will be and how they can contact you. Keep them informed if you are taking a trip away from the campus during weekends and how they can reach out to you when required.

Know about your bank transactions overseas

Before traveling abroad, have a talk with the authorities in your bank to know how your credit and debit cards will work abroad. Some of them could have their regional partners overseas with whom you could bank. In case your bank does not have a presence there, take the necessary steps to open an account in another bank abroad.

Ensure that all your educational credentials will be accepted in the university abroad

Before going abroad, ensure that they accept your educational credentials in your study abroad destination. If not, approach a study counselor in your home country on what steps you should take.

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