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Top 10 tips and tricks to get a high score in IELTS exam in first attempt

Posted on July 7, 2023
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Tips and Tricks for IELTS exam

  • Fluency and coherence.
  • Grammatical range and accuracy.
  • Make use of the free practice tests.
  • Asking for clarification.
  • Your answers should be natural.

Top 10 tips and tricks to get a high score in the IELTS exam on the first attempt

On your first attempt, you must adopt a strategic approach and prepare diligently to get a high score in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam. The IELTS, an examination recognized by countries and organizations worldwide, gauges your English language expertise components of listening, reading, speaking, and writing. If you want to know the secret of easily acing it, you should comprehend the exam format, practice well, and develop English language mastery.

Get hold of the scoring system of IELTS

The range of the scoring system of IELTS, starting from band 1 (beginner) to band 9 (specialist), has to be understood first. If you do so, you will be able to allot your time and resources efficiently to make the most of it. As the scores of all the sections of the test are equally considered, it is essential that you give all components equal value.

Explore and acquire knowledge of it based on model answers

Ensure that you get familiar with each section’s model answers if you want to do your best in it. Get used to the types of questions and the particular skills one needs to answer them successfully. This will aid you in getting used to the expectations of the examiners, helping you tackle each question assuredly and accurately.

Come up with a study plan that is organized and customized

Generate a tailored study strategy that suits your strong points and drawbacks. The creation of an organized study approach is crucial to ensure that you study for it effectively. Evaluate your language capability levels in each section and allot more time to areas where you think you need to improve. Establish objectives that you can manage in each study phase and regularly examine and modify your study plans accordingly and review your progress and ensure an organized way to prepare going forward.

Enhance your vocabulary

Broaden your vocabulary, which is very crucial to succeed in the IELTS test, by widening your reading range to academic journals, research documents, and texts that are relevant to your area of interest. Jot down unfamiliar words, and make use of online resources, word lists, and flashcards to enrich your vocabulary. Make a habit of incorporating these words into your language, both while you speak and write, to display an improved level of proficiency in the English language.

Improve your listening skills considerably

The IELTS exam’s listening section needs dedicated attention and thinking more rapidly. Enrich your listening skills by devoting enough time to English audio materials, like podcasts, news broadcasts, speeches, and documentaries, among others. Make it a practice to identify important ideas, particular details, and the opinion of the speaker, and enhance your capability to make sense of complicated discussions. Make a habit of taking notes to pick up crucial information correctly.

Develop your time-management skills effectively

Managing time is very critical while you take the IELTS exam. Condition yourself to finish each section within the time you plan. While taking practice sessions, take mock exams regularly to develop the capability of arriving at decisions quickly, rank tasks as per their importance, and then answer the next question. Strive for accuracy while maintaining a steady pace.

Learn to browse and scan effectively

Management of time is critical in the reading section as well. Practice browsing and scanning procedures to find relevant information quickly. Read various texts and concentrate on identifying keywords, titles, and sentences of themes, which will help you answer questions successfully while saving time.

Improve your rewriting skills

The ability to rewrite sentences is crucial in the IELTS exam. It showcases your capability to explain concepts using different words and structuring sentences differently. This skill will help you immensely in the sections of reading and writing and lets you portray information accurately and articulately. With this skill, you will be efficiently able to pen the same ideas differently and accurately to express the same message using different vocabulary and structuring sentences differently.

Put into use genuine speaking practices

You need to be confident while taking the IELTS exam’s speaking section. To improve in the speaking section:

  • Take part in mock speaking sessions by seeking professional help or taking the help of a language partner.
  • Learn to voice your thoughts as clearly as possible.
  • At the same time, be fluent, and use words and grammar aptly.
  • Concentrate on your gestures, pronunciation, and modulation to explain your ideas clearly.

Put into practice an organized method to write and recreate a test environment

To be able to structure sentences properly and clearly express ideas are essential in the writing section. Practice with different tasks, such as essays, letters, and speeches. Become an expert at planning and arranging your thoughts clearly before you write them.

Create paragraphs clearly and briefly with logical arguments, ensuring you explain ideas sensibly. Recreate the test environment during practice sessions. Stick strictly to a schedule for each section and finish all tasks promptly. These exercises will help you build endurance, manage time well, and lessen your anxiety when taking the exam.

IELTS Coaching

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a systematized test to evaluate an individual’s English language proficiency. A high score in IELTS can give you an edge over other applicants and put you in the top position among applicants.

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