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Top 10 tips to ace your scores for the CELPIP writing component

Posted on May 17, 2023
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Highlights: Improve your CELPIP writing component with these 10 tips

  • Follow the instructions and attempt all parts of the question.
  • Get a flow for writing with a computer and structure your writing.
  • Improve your grammar and diversify your vocabulary.
  • Be watchful of your word count with your time management skills.
  • Proofread your writings, as it is essential for a good writer.

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We have shortlisted the top 10 strategies to help you ace the writing part of your CELPIP Test.

India, being the land of various regional languages, can sometimes be difficult to ace your English speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills. But, getting a good score CELPIP test is one of the essential eligibility criteria while applying for Canada immigration. With the following strategies, you can gain a good score in the writing portion of the CELPIP Test.

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Tips to follow to ace your CELPIP scores

1.      Follow the instructions and attempt all parts of the question

You must thoroughly read the instructions provided and ensure to answer all parts of the question. While reading the instructions, you will start developing your answer. Also, you will not miss responding to all parts of a question.

2.      Get a flow for writing with a computer

The entire CELPIP test is delivered through a computer, and you must type all your answers using a keyboard. So, start practicing writing on a computer and improve your typing speed. Start writing anything like a daily journal, letters to friends and family, etc.

3.      Give a structure to your writing

You must be familiar with the structure of writing. Any good write-up should have an introduction, topical paragraphs, and then finally ends with a conclusion. Always try to make an outline for your answer while reading the question.

4.      Improve your grammar

Grammar is the foundation of good writing skills. Writing that has correct spelling and is free of grammatical errors communicates well with the reader. Also, you must master the use of proper punctuation like commas, colons, semicolons, etc.

5.      Diversify your vocabulary skills

While writing, remember to use a wide range of natural vocabulary. But, it is imperative to make sure you use the appropriate words at the right place so that the use of words doesn’t break the flow of your sentences.

6.      Check your word count

A common mistake people commit while writing in a flow is to exceed their word count. Therefore, you must watch your word count while you write, as this will only consume your limited time for the test.

7.      Time management

Talking about time, time management is a vital part of any writing test. You must spare a few minutes before starting the test to prepare an outline and a few minutes after the test to proofread.

8.      Proofread your writing like it’s your job

Proofreading is essential for a good writer, as the best writers are always good readers. Take enough time to make sure your article is free of any errors. A Pro Tip for proofreading is to spell your writings aloud. This will help you to catch the flow of your writing.

9.      Know some common tricks

There are a few common tricks that you must know while appearing for any writing exam. For example, while writing, avoiding passive voice, choosing strong verbs, being watchful of the length of sentences, etc.

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Importance of your CELPIP score in Canada immigration

The full form of CELPIP is the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program and is conducted to understand how well one can function in English. Also, the score is a significant determinant for your Canada immigration process as you will be allotted better points in the Express Entry pool with a good CELPIP score. And more points in the Express Entry pool will increase your chances of getting a Canada PR.

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