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Top 10 tricks for time management during SAT Exam

Posted on July 31, 2023
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How to manage time well during SAT exam?

  • Learn about instructions much ahead of the test
  • Know which questions to spend more time on
  • Use time wisely
  • Set yourself a target score
  • Take several practice tests
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses

Top 10 tricks for time management during SAT Exam

Though Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) lasts three hours, it feels lengthier because you need to answer questions properly. For that, you need to think a lot. That is where time management is crucial when you are taking SAT exam.

Use a watch

While taking the test, be aware of the time you have taken to answer questions. For this purpose, carry a watch or any other timekeeping device.

Allot time for each section

You can manage time properly if you have a rough idea of how many questions you need to answer in each section. If you have been doing practice tests, you will become familiar with those aspects.

In the Writing component, there are three sections which are as follows:

One essay section of 25 minutes;

One section of 25 minutes with 35 questions – involving refining sentences or paragraphs, identifying errors in sentences; and

One section of 10 minutes with 14 questions – where you need to improve Sentences

The Critical Reading component comprises three sections:

One section of 25 minutes with 24 questions – completing sentences and reading comprehension;

One section of 25 minutes with 24 questions – completing sentences and reading comprehension;

One section of 20 minutes with 19 questions – completing sentences and reading comprehension

While the Math component comprises three sections:

One section of 25 minutes with 20 questions – multiple choice;

One section of 25 minutes with 18 questions – multiple choice and grid-in,

One section of 20 minutes with 16 questions – multiple choice

Familiarize yourself with the instructions in advance

It is not tough if you have taken enough practice tests. It will help you save time during the real test.

Skip tougher questions to return to them later

If there is a question an answer to which might take more time to answer than the others, skip it and return to it later.

Guess answers when you have nothing to lose

On the SAT exam, while answering a question you are unsure about, narrow down the options by eliminating the ones that do not seem to be the proper choices.

While taking Reading Comprehension passages, jot down notes

In the passages, identify the main concept of each paragraph and underscore key sentences. If you do this while taking practice tests, the strategy of taking notes will help you a lot when you take the real test.

Each question requires a different amount of time

Don’t make the mistake of spending the same amount of time on each question. The best strategy for SAT exam would be to start answering the easiest ones first and move on to the tougher ones later.

In the Critical Reading component, answer questions concerning details first as they will familiarize you with the passage, letting you answer general questions that do not need you to revisit the passage.

Use the time given optimally

In case you have completed answering a section’s all questions, revisit them and verify your answers. You may examine any questions where you may have made mistakes, increasing the possibility of improving your score.

Develop a better essay-writing strategy

When writing an essay, do not get down to penning it the right way. Take a couple of minutes to sit on it and then write its outline briefly with your arguments and viewpoints to support it. That way, you can construct your essay logically.

Know the score you want to target

You need not answer all the questions if you are not expecting to score 800 in every section of the SAT. If you want to get 90% of the questions right on a section of SAT, leave enough questions blank to get a score 0f 720.

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