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Top 10 UK Universities of 2021

Posted on January 19, 2021
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The UK is home to leading educational institutions and has many old universities. The UK is second to the US as a favorite study destination for international students. It has some of the best ranked universities in the world, that figure in the world university rankings.

The degrees offered by higher education institutes in the UK are recognized around the world. UK university students get a chance to improve their expertise and knowledge at competent levels.

In most UK universities, there are opportunities for continuing postgraduate studies with some of them also offering to fund Tier 4 visas.

Today it remains one of the best destinations for high-quality education.

Reasons to study in the U.K

  • Affordable tuition fees
  • Courses & Qualifications that are internationally recognized
  • Numerous research Opportunities
  • Financial Support and scholarships to students
  • Multicultural environment
  • Best destination to study and learn English
  • Choice of 50,000 courses in more than 25 subject areas
  • Short duration courses which indicate reduced tuition fees and accommodation costs
  • Option to work while you study

Top universities in the U.K in 2021

According to the QS World University Rankings, these are the top universities in the U.K for 2021:

1. University of Oxford

Thanks to its high score in the faculty-student ratio and citations per faculty, the university of Oxford is at the top. Oxford has the highest volume of world-leading studies in the nation as the oldest university in the English-speaking world. Furthermore, the school offers 350 separate programs for graduate degrees and is home to over 24,000 students.

2. University of Cambridge

The university, based in Cambridge and with 31 autonomous colleges, is home to over 100 libraries, containing a total of more than 15 million books.

Cambridge is the UK’s top-ranking university for both academic and employer reputation, with these metrics in second position internationally.

3. Imperial College London

Imperial College London rose up one place this year and is ranked third in the rankings. The college is renowned for its excellence in research and education in science, engineering, medicine, and finance, has made tremendous strides and has had a huge influence on industry and business. For top online MBA programs, the school is ranked third in the world.

4. UCL (University College London)

On the academic credibility metric, UCL scores the highest. In terms of research intensity, the school is also ranked as the best university in the UK. UCL was the first university in England to welcome students of all religions, as well as women. The school has had 29 Nobel Laureates and over 150 nationalities in its student body.

5. University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh is the only Scottish university in the UK’s top 10 which performs remarkably well on employer and academic reputation metrics. International students at this university account for 44 percent of the overall student body, making it one of the world’s most diverse universities.

6. University of Manchester

As for the employer credibility metric, the University of Manchester ranks 21st in the world. It is also one of the top ten universities in Europe for excellence in teaching, with more Nobel Laureates in its faculty than any other university in the UK. University of Manchester graduates are highly respected and sought after by employers all over the world due to the high standard of education.

7. King’s college London

This year, King’s College London climbed to two positions in the global university rankings. It is one of the four London –based universities on the top ten universities in the UK. In all metrics, especially academic reputation, KCL performs spectacularly high, where it ranks among the world’s top 50 universities. This institution has over 31,000 students from 150 countries, with over 180 undergraduate courses and a selection of master’s and doctorate degrees to choose from. The institution is known for its courses in the following subjects:

  • Law
  • Humanities
  • Social sciences
  • Sciences, including courses like psychiatry, nursing, and dentistry

8. London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) is considered one of the world’s leading social science universities, ranked seventh in the world for foreign students, making it the most diverse UK university in QS’s ranking. Eighteen Nobel Prizes in economics, peace and literature have been awarded to alumni and faculty members at LSE. If you are passionate about social sciences, LSE offers 40 types of degrees in this subject.

9. University of Bristol

As a top global university business incubator, the University of Bristol was ranked number one. Because of its high quality and impact on society and the economy, this institution is also among the UK’s best research universities. The University of Bristol is world-renowned for its studies in these fields:

  • Economics and econometrics
  • Clinical medicine
  • Public health, health services, and primary care
  • Sport and exercise sciences

10. University of Warwick

The University of Warwick, home to over 9,500 foreign students from 147 nations, is ranked at number 10. Thanks to its global perspective, this university performs best in the ranking index for foreign faculty and international students.

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