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The top 3 ways for legal immigration to Germany

Posted on March 1, 2019
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legal immigration to Germany

The paths for legal immigration to Germany for individuals who flee from their nations are diverse as well as complex. This could be claiming asylum, a Visa or an EU Blue Card.

Here is a brief overview of the top 3 ways for legal immigration to Germany:

Option # 1: The EU Blue Card

The EU Blue Card was launched in 2008. It is a Work Visa that permits highly skilled non-EU nationals to reside in any EU nation. This excludes the UK, Ireland, and Denmark, as quoted by the Info Migrants Net.

The following individuals qualify to apply for an EU Blue Card:

  • Those who possess posses a degree from a University that is accredited and are extremely qualified in an occupation that is in shortage. Their gross yearly income must be minimum €39,624. It includes skilled IT workers, Scientists, Mathematicians, Doctors, and Engineers.
  • Those who possess a contract for employment in Germany that is worth €50,800 yearly

The individuals can immigrate to Germany to reside and work if their Blue Card application is successful. They will not have to apply for asylum.

Option # 2: Air travel with a suitable Visa

All those who have a valid Germany Visa can arrive by flight and orally express their intention for asylum. Refugees entering the nation without a valid passport must undergo an airport procedure.

The procedure is done in the transit area by the Federal Police. The last resort is appealing against the entry ban that will result if it is negative. If the appeal is unsuccessful, the individuals are deported.

Each of the above 3 steps leads to asylum procedure if in case the result is positive.

Option # 3:  Journey by foot

This option is for individuals who cross EU borders on foot. They must cooperate with police and offer their fingerprint. These individuals can apply for asylum in an EU border nation, an example is Croatia.

If an individual intends to continue their onward journey, this will be determined by the situation of their family. This is if they can submit an application for asylum in another EU nation such as Germany.

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