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Top 5 Reasons to Study Overseas in Switzerland

Posted on June 10, 2019
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Study Overseas in Switzerland

Here we present the top 5 reasons to Study overseas in Switzerland:

Quality Higher Education

The prime consideration for a student looking to Study Overseas is the reputation of the University. You must be assured of the top-class system of higher education in Switzerland. It offers an innovative ambiance for researchers and students to express their autonomy. This is while receiving global-minded and quality education.

Universities in Switzerland lay high emphasis on quality. For example, we can consider, Les Roches International School of Hotel Management. It offers prestigious education in the hospitality sector to students from around the world.

A Global Network

Around 25% of the students in Switzerland are from overseas. It is great news for an overseas student who has landed in Switzerland. This is because meeting fellow overseas students is the fastest way to make friends and grow. It is applicable to both professional and social network. This is also the perfect way to learn a new language, as quoted by the Guardian

Access to the rest of the EU

Now that you have explored what Switzerland has to offer and made new friends, it is time to discover the rest of the European Union. It borders 5 other EU nations and is also well connected to them. The transportation system in Switzerland that is efficient and well connected is all set to turn your dream weekend vacations to reality.

You can arrive in Germany and check out the Black Forest. If not, head south to Italy and visit Milan, one of the biggest fashion capitals in the world.


The Swiss penchant for efficiency is a major reason for the success of the transportation network in Switzerland. Trains here run in a timely fashion and regularly. This will come as a big relief to students who have suffered huge delays in the metro in London or New York.

However, efficiency is important elsewhere in the nation as well. Universities in Switzerland are well organized and official documents are offered on time. This means minimal hassles when it comes to school registration and immigration paperwork.

A safe place

Overseas students can lay to rest any concerns regarding their safety while studying abroad in Switzerland as it one of the safest nations globally. Violent crimes are almost zero here. The risk of minor crimes like pick pocketing is very low in comparison with other nations.

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