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Top 5 reasons why Indian students choose the UK for higher education

Posted on October 11, 2022
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Highlights: Reasons why Indian students choosing UK for higher education

  • The United Kingdom is known for world-recognized high-quality education with a strong academic standard that gives a great learning experience
  • International students that graduate from UK universities not just gain degrees from foreign universities and also gain a valuable network of mentors and friends
  • Around 118,000 Indians reached the UK by end of June 2022. This number is an 89% increase compared to last year
  • With the available Global recognized universities and institutions, the UK provides a great learning experience to Indian students with its systematic academic curriculum
  • Graduate Route Policy helps many Indians to stay back in the UK after studies either to work or look for work for two years

Top academic degrees that make Indians move to the UK easily

Here is the list of academic courses that will lead Indians to move to the UK easily:

  • Healthcare
  • Engineering
  • Science
  • Architecture
  • Computer sciences

Study in the UK, 2023

The UK has been quality education to international students which is globally recognized because of its well-structured academic curriculum that makes the learning experience incredible. Students that study in the UK gain a great network of friends and mentors during their studies along with UK degrees.

Thousands of Indian students opt to study abroad. As it is a life-changing decision, navigating through hundreds of institutions and universities, getting selected, choosing the right course, institution, and destination, etc. are difficult tasks.

For decades the UK has been a highly opted destination of higher education for Indian students. There is a significant increase in the number of students that travel to the UK from India to study.

An 89% rise has been observed in applying for UK student visas by the Indians. It was 118,000 Indians who went to the UK to study by the end of June 2022.

UK study visa applications among Indians have a high success rate (96%) which is more than the global average. The Indians form one of the largest groups in the UK by making its student community very diverse with the highest number of foreign students.

 The UK majorly focuses on research and provides world-class resources from evolution and transformation for international students to fit into real-world applications. This sets the UK higher education system to stand on top in the world.

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Top 5 reasons why Indian students choose UK as their education board

Following is the list of five factors that make the UK the best place for Indians to look for pursuing higher education.

1. Integrity and Credibility:

 The UK has been home to many best higher education universities and institutes across the globe. 4 out of the top 10 universities that are globally recognized are in the UK and around 81 universities out of 1000 are ranked by QS Global ranking 2023.

 The UK has laid a lot of focus on foreign students to provide a proper learning experience and give out a good outlook which helps them to perform well in many complex scenarios and innovate new things.

The Global ranking universities provide great guidance and mentorship to students after graduation as well to support them to build a successful career. Based on UUKi’s report about 83% of international graduates from the UK have secured a job because of a UK degree.

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2. Employability for international students:

In July 2021, the UK has announced Graduate Route Policy which has pulled much popularity among Indians. Graduate Route permits international graduates passed out from UK universities to stay back and look for work or work for two years after graduating.

Ph.D. students can get three years of post-study work permits. In this way, IL offers good opportunities to get credible professional experience while studying through lots of internships and placements to support and launch their careers.

According to QS GER (Graduate Employability Rankings), the UK graduate are the ones who are most employable in the world.

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3. Acceptability and Policy

 The recent agreement between the UK and India on the correlative recognition of academic degrees will help Indian students to get great jobs even in their home country.

This mutual recognition of UK qualifications with Indian degrees will help Indian students to pursue higher studies, research, or get employment in India in the public and private sectors.

The Indian government also allows Indian students with UK degrees to be recruited for senior or higher positions through lateral entry schemes.

4. Cost-Effective / Affordability

 Indian students avail of UK education at significantly low costs when compared to some of the other popular international education destinations. On top of that, the availability of 1-year Master’s programs turns out to be cost-effective.

This is grabbed as an opportunity cost by the students and gain great credentials in the colleges/ universities. With that 1-year master’s then can join the job market and with that then do not need to pay the tuition fees or living expenses for the second year, as the regular conventional 2-year courses are offered in other countries.

There are various scholarships for Indian students by universities in the UK and also by the British government individually or sometimes together.

List of Scholarships provided by the UK universities and British Government

  • The British Council Women in STEM scholarships
  • The Charles Wallace India Trust scholarships
  • GREAT scholarships
  • Chevening Scholarships

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5. Sustainability and Liveability

 Migrating to a new place for studies sometimes might be daunting. The UK universities guide students to be part of some networks of communities where there are international students, mentors, and faculty. This allows them to get connected with others who are from similar backgrounds and principles. These kinds of networks will give students good academic and emotional support.

The large Indian population in the UK became a cultural bridge between the countries. This brings out some authentic and delicious food and cuisines available in the UK markets, especially in larger cities. This gives a cultural connection to India ad UK by celebrating Indian festivals with great enthusiasm.

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