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Top 9 Highest Paid Professions 2022 – Germany

Posted on March 29, 2022
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Are you planning to migrate to Germany to work there in the year 2022? If so, you would be glad to know that there are a lot of job opportunities in Germany and there are not enough workers to fill them all in the largest economy of Europe. According to reports, Germany would be short of three million skilled workers by 2030. This West European country will see in-demand jobs increasing every year until the end of the decade.

The most number of high-paying jobs will be in the fields of IT, engineering, mechanical, and electrical. There will also be a shortage of healthcare workers such as nurses and caregivers as the aging population in this country increases. The other sectors where high-paying jobs are available include hospitality, the telecom industry, and manufacturing.

A report of Centre Européen pour le veloppement de la Formation Professionnelle (CEDEFOP), or European Center for the Development of Vocational Training, expects growth up to 2025 in employment in business and other services.

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The report further adds that a fourth of the job openings would be for professionals in highly paid occupations.

Here, we provide a comprehensive list of the top nine highest paid occupations in Germany 2022:

Sales & Marketing

With steep growth expected in sales, sales managers will have more opportunities. The primary requirement for these professionals is to look at the needs of this vertical and devise strategies to make a mark in it more effectively.

To become a sales manager, one needs to have a master’s degree in management, marketing, or related fields. The average annual pay for a sales manager is €116,000.

Healthcare sector

Among healthcare professionals, the highest paid professionals include surgeons owing to the risky nature of their jobs. They need to possess wide-ranging knowledge. Their average annual pay is €138,000.

Another in-demand job among healthcare professionals is that of an orthodontist. They are dentists who diagnose and treat teeth and jaw placements irregularities. They get paid on average more than €131,000 per year.

Germany needs other types of healthcare professionals in the future as well. Applicants with a degree in medicine in a foreign country can migrate to Germany and obtain a license to practice medicine. Although any medical professional can get a German license to practice there, a degree must be considered equivalent to a medical degree in Germany. Their average annual pay in Germany is €58,000. It could be higher or lower depending on the qualification and their expertise.

Research & Development (R&D)  

In Germany, R & D professionals, especially in biotechnology & neuroscience, are also required in large numbers. This is because their jobs involve employing proficiency in many types of preventative research. Their average annual pay in Germany is more than €50,000.

Information Technology (IT)

With the importance of information technology proliferating, verticals in the IT sector need more professionals to cater to it. Apart from IT, data scientists are also in demand in Germany, with the professionals in these fields earning higher-than-average annual salaries.

Although the minimum qualification required for these professionals is a bachelor’s in computer science, data science, or engineering, a master’s will help them earn higher. The average annual salary of IT experts is €47,000 in Germany.


Vacancies for the following engineering professionals will also be high in 2022. They are computer science engineering, structural engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, automobile engineering, and telecommunications.

For all of them, a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in any of these engineering streams will stand them in good stead. They can earn on average a salary of €46,000 per year.

Finance & Accounting

Among finance & accounting professionals, one of the most lucrative jobs is that of bank managers. They get paid an average salary of €79,000 per year. However, the job is fraught with risks as they have to handle transactions worth hundreds of millions in Euros.

Then, accounting professionals need to plan and handle their business finances cautiously. Their average pay is more than €45,000 per year.


Under hospitality, one of the highest-paid professions is that of a hotel manager. The responsibilities of a hotel manager include managing all facets and day-to-day operations of a hotel to ensure that its operations are well-organized and profitable. Managers also set standards for administration and functions of employees, customers’ services, rates of rooms, publicity, food & beverages choice and service, and more.

They assign tasks and responsibilities to the heads of each department.

They need to have a university degree in business administration, finance, or hotel management.

Their average annual salary is around €45,000.

Germany attracts a lot of foreign tourists due to its rich history and other tourist-friendly places. Owing to this, wages of those engaged in the tourism & hospitality sectors have increased significantly. The annual average salaries of these professionals are more than €30,000.


Marketing professionals are always in demand as products or services of growing industries have to be marketed well. In addition, new businesses that set up shops have to scale up their revenues.

Finally, they have to maintain the operations and brands for their businesses to be successful.

Most marketing professionals need to have a master’s degree in business administration. They earn an average annual salary of €33,000.

Human resources (HR)

Another key profession that offers high-paying salaries is that of HR managers. Their responsibilities include hiring, planning, developing, and implementing HR policies and procedures for the organizations they work. They also manage employee training, labor relations, and salary administration functions. Their average annual pay is about €48,000.

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