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Top countries to migrate to, according to a study – 2018

Posted on January 5, 2018
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Top Countries to Migrate

Despite imposition of restrictions by countries such as the US, the UK and few others on immigrants, it is said that most people globally continue to support immigration, as a recent international poll, conducted by US News and World report in partnership with Y &R, BAV and Wharton School, revealed that nearly 60 percent of people questioned were of the belief that their countries should welcome more foreigners.

The result of the poll was a report published by the Best Countries Survey, which ranks the nations that are most welcoming for immigrants.

The poll found that Sweden was the best country for immigrants as many respondents took into cognizance its top-class public services and its human rights record. Its equitable wealth distribution and excellent social welfare system served to improve its image further. Last few years saw Sweden diversifying with immigrants now accounting for around 10 percent of its population of 9.8 million.

Taking the second place was Canada, the world’s second-largest country, which has become the most accommodating nation in the world after Justin Trudeau took over as its Prime Minister. In early 2017, Trudeau was quoted as saying that diversity was their strength. Making up about 38 percent of the country’s population in 2011 were new immigrants or second-generation immigrants. It is projected that 50 percent of this North American country’s population would be made of immigrants by 2036 if the existing rate of immigrant inflows continues.

Switzerland ranks next on this list for its high salaries, quality of life and low levels of unemployment.

Ranked fourth is Australia, with immigrants from Asia contributing to its new multicultural identity. It truly is a magnet for Skilled Migrants.

Germany, Europe’s largest economy, also has been attracting a lot of immigrants of late. A very highly industrialized country, it is also very welcoming to migrants. Another factor in its favour is that most of its youngsters support immigration.

Figuring also on the list is Norway, a rich Nordic country, which is renowned for its welfare system. Statistics Norway’s data shows that migrants account for 16.8 percent of its population

The Netherlands, a Scandinavian country, is also becoming more multicultural. It is ranked high because of its flourishing economy and its tolerant social climate.

Finland, another Scandinavian nation, is ranked high because of its generous spending on public services and also owing to its sturdy economy.

Denmark, another Nordic nation, is rated highly owing to its public services and social safety factors. The past three decades have seen its immigration population increase considerably.

Though occupying a land mass of only 2,586 square kilometres, Luxembourg attracts immigrants for its exceptional quality of life.

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