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Top Five destinations for English speaking expats

Posted on August 2, 2018
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Top Five destinations for English speaking expats

The best countries for the English speaking expats recommended by the Inter-Nations are as follows:

1. Malta:

              According to the Inter-Nations, Malta has the highest rank among the Anglophone countries due to the quality of life, ease of settlement, and personal finance. The expats have expressed their happiness over the country’s pleasing weather and climate.

It is one of the best destinations for those who are concerned with finances. 59 percent of the expats felt that their disposable income is adequate to sustain their daily living compared to the global average of 48 percent.

2. New Zealand:

                     New Zealand occupies the second position among the Anglophone countries for the expats. The country’s work-life balance brings enormous joy to the expats. In fact, the country has the world’s shortest working full-time work weeks (42.2 hours).  Due to the friendly work-culture, expats find employment safe and secured.

3. Australia:

                 The country is known for its holistic culture and friendly migration policies. Australia is the best country for those who are exploring opportunities in mining and construction. It has a laid-back work culture in the workplace and says no to extra work hours. In addition to these, pleasant weather and good working visa options especially for the skilled workers make Australia a promising place for the expats, as quoted by the news source, The Street.

4. Canada:

                Canada’s great quality of life and luminous career prospects enable expats to throng in huge numbers every year. Expats are highly satisfied with the safety, peacefulness, and healthcare here. Those who want to make a career in the technology, business, or art sectors; Canada is an apt place for kindling one’s employment.

5. Singapore:

                  Singapore is one of the nicest places for the expats due to its luxurious lifestyle and diverse culture. The country has a number of social security legislation for its citizens as well as immigrants. The quality and affordable healthcare armed with world-class education make it a promising country for the expats.

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