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Top mistakes to avoid while studying in Canada

Posted on August 17, 2023
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Why study in Canada?

  • Affordable country to study and live in
  • Immigrant-friendly educational environment
  • High standard of living
  • The world-class quality of education
  • Numerous job opportunities
  • Presence of people from diverse cultures

Top mistakes to avoid while studying in Canada

Canada has been a desired destination for students from across the world to study abroad owing to its top-class education, renowned world-class universities, and attractive job opportunities, among others. Despite all of it, there are certain mistakes you should avoid when you are studying in this North American country. Just like any other country in the world, Canada considers certain activities inappropriate.
Some of them are as follows.

Leave a tip of a minimum of 15%

Even though when people dine outside, to tip or not to is a personal choice. In Canada, however, you need to tip the person who waits at your table 15% of the aggregate bill. If you tip less than that or do not tip at all, you risk being considered rude. If you are unsure, leave the waiter more amount and leave the restaurant with your head held high.

Avoid conversations on controversial subjects

Never ever discuss aspects related to sex, religious groups, and politics. They are subjects that most people would like to avoid talking about as these are considered personal to native Canadians. They also would not be comfortable talking openly about the government’s policies.

Likewise, sex too is regarded as a very confidential subject. You should, therefore, avoid commenting on people’s sexual orientations in public spaces or must not indulge in talking about it explicitly.

Furthermore, as Canada is home to people of various religions, talking about it publicly in a controversial manner is not encouraged. It is different if people identify themselves as belonging to a particular faith.

Do not stare or point at strangers

Avoid using your index finger to point at people you do not know. Also, avoid staring at them. It may be regarded as rude or offensive – particularly if they are people of the opposite gender.

Though gesturing with a ‘V’ sign may indicate peace in certain countries, it is considered downright offensive in the ‘Maple Leaf’ country.

Avoid being late to social gatherings or official meetings

Be punctual when meeting people for appointments or attending social gatherings. Even if you are a little early, it does not matter, as Canadians would welcome it. Just like in the most advanced of economies, punctuality is equated with respecting other people’s time.

 If you know you may not make it on time to a particular place, notify the people who will be waiting for you that you could be delayed in advance. Even there, do not be late by more than 15 minutes.

Rudeness or aggression is not encouraged

Everybody, including us, does not like to be treated rudely. We also do not tolerate people who act in an aggressive manner, whatever the reason may be. Try not to display such emotions in public, whatever the cause behind it. Natives of Canada will treat you more respectfully if you are being polite and calm.

Do not act in a miserly fashion when gifting somebody

Canadian citizens present gifts for holidays and birthdays. Whenever you have been invited to a birthday party, or celebration or visit a family who has invited you, ensure to take along with you a wine bottle, bouquet of flowers, or a gift hamper. A bottle of wine is the best bet, as most Canadians practice it themselves. Do not ever gift white lilies or cash. They are bound to offend Canadian citizens.

Do not show anger publicly

Just as in most countries, society expects individuals to resolve conflicts privately. It is the same in Canada as well. People in this country also do not appreciate people who show anger in public places to sort out unpleasant situations.

Remember, when you are behaving improperly in public, you are inconveniencing others who are going about their daily lives. Whether it be displaying resentment or causing a nuisance publicly, it won’t be appreciated and will, in fact, adversely affect your image in public.

If you are planning to pursue higher education in Canada, refrain from indulging in any of the activities mentioned above. On the other hand, if you conduct yourself with dignity and humility, the chances of you being successful in Canada will increase manifold.

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