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Top Most In-Demand Jobs in British Columbia

Posted on November 26, 2021
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jobs in british columbia

British Columbia, the West Coast province, has recorded a low unemployment rate in 2021.  

After lifting the pandemic restrictions and the advent of the vaccine, passports has given rise to more number of job opportunities in British Columbia in September, 2021.

The province has recorded the lowest unemployment rates in Canada, and in Kelowna, and Victoria the unemployment rate hit a low of 4.4 percent in October. In this year, there are more job openings in Canada related to professional, scientific, and technical fields as well.

According to Canada’s latest Labor Force Survey, the number of vacancies in professional, scientific, and technical industries will take an uptrend in 2021. Most importantly, many of these jobs are full-time.

Canada looking to join more Labor Force

The province added a few more 10,400 jobs for full-time in October 2021. The openings are more in full-time whereas the part-time opportunities are reducing. The full-time opportunities are increased by 1.8 percent, and the part-time were shrink by 4.6 percent.

Below is the list of top in-demand jobs in British Columbia, along with National Occupational Classification (NOC) codes.

  1. Payroll Administrators: NOC 1432

Payroll Administrators jobs in  British Columbia are highly in demand. They process the payroll information by collecting, verifying, and maintaining all the data related to payroll. They are also responsible for segregating the payroll information departments, companies, or other units.

The vacancies for these roles have boomed during the pandemic as many of the industries has laid off their staff due to public health restrictions. After lifting the pandemic restrictions, they again hired employees. So, to manage all these, Payroll administrators were required to execute the following measures: employment terminations, temporary layoffs, and reductions of employee hours.

Job prospects – Payroll Administrators
NOC Code NOC 1432
Number of vacancies in BC 667
Income/year $47,750 to $71,500
  1. Information Systems Analysts and Consultants: NOC 2171

IT sector is in boom every time, due to the pandemic every industry has opted online options, which went up by 32 percent. IT professionals test, analyze, develop and execute new systems related to a vast range of information systems issues.

Job prospects – Information Systems Analysts and Consultants
NOC Code NOC 2171
Number of vacancies in BC 6,427
Income/year $72,150 to $120,000
  1. Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers: NOC 2174

The same trend is followed for the computer programmers and interactive media developers in the pandemic.

As everything has gone online, there is a huge requirement for candidates having experience in writing, modifying, integrating, and testing computer code, mobile applications, computer-based training software, etc.

Hence they have a very good demand in British Columbia.

Job prospects – Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers
NOC Code NOC 2174
Income/year $84,400 to $146,250
  1. Elementary and Secondary School Teacher Assistants: NOC 4413

The highest requirement for Elementary and Secondary School Teacher Assistants in BC. In Job Bank, it is ranked as the highest.

They need to assist in personal care, teaching, and behavior management under the supervision of the teachers and other professionals.

Children returned to their classrooms in September 2020 with all the safety precautions and measures along with a protective environment and new learning systems.

Job prospects – Elementary and Secondary School Teacher Assistants
NOC Code NOC 4413
Income/year $49,375 to $58,500
  1. Technical Sales Specialists – Wholesale Trade: NOC 6221

Technical sales members need to sell scientific, agricultural, and industrial products. They need to have experience in telecommunications services and computer services to both governments and private sectors.

Hence the Technical Sales jobs in British Columbia are booming after pandemic.

Job prospects – Technical Sales Specialists – Wholesale Trade
NOC Code NOC 6221
Number of vacancies in BC 525
Income/year $52,650 to $103,100
  1. Underground Production and Development Miners: NOC 8231

The re-opening of the Mining Industry after pandemic, has raised more number of jobs for Miners. They need to perform mining-related duties such as drill, blast, operate mining machinery in order to construct tunnels, passages, shafts, etc. to maintain mining operations.

Job prospects – Underground Production and Development Miners
NOC Code NOC 8231
Income/year $72,735 to $91,845

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