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Top ten tips to score well in the TOEFL exam

Posted on July 28, 2020
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Online TOEFL Coaching

The TOEFL exam consists of the following sections:

  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Writing

A minimum score of 80 out of 120 indicates average English proficiency. The better you score, there are better chances of your application being accepted.

The TOEFL test scores are an important eligibility requirement which will be considered along with the other requirements for admission to a course.

 Here are ten tips to help you prepare for the TOEFL exam:

1. Be sure you are allowing yourself ample time to prepare before your exam date. That’s smart. This is exactly what you need. If you choose a date that is too close you risk not achieving your desired score.

 2. Gather the best resources you can find and make a study plan. It can be books, apps, websites or some other service like online coaching.

3. Verify that all of the research materials come from reputable sources. Or enlist yourself in a coaching program that will help you gain a deeper understanding of the English language and get a good score.

4. Take some time to practice using an answer pad, and get used to it. It’s very helpful to write down your answers next to the right question number. This will be valuable when you are writing the test.

5. Think about whether the first test would be a sample test or the real thing. This affects how your research and plan yourself.

6. Place a score goal for yourself. What score do you wish to achieve? This will help you concentrate on learning.

7. Learn to speed up your reading level and improve your vocabulary by reading a variety of material. Reading a variety of materials doesn’t just stick to simple things. You might read journals, novels, forums, scholarly magazines (or at least the summary), and essays. These are easy to find online. Some can be read offline.

8. It would also help to listen to a variety of spoken English. You’ll practice listening to different speeds of speech, types of content and accents. That is a perfect way to get stronger. That’s enough for 10 minutes a day. Re-listening to it is also good practice, if necessary.

9. Talk to someone who has taken the test before. It would help to learn how other people cope with the stress of learning. They can even pass on hints and suggestions that worked for them or things they wish they knew before they took the test. They can also ease your mind on issues and answer any questions you may have!

10. The easiest way to develop your English-speaking skills and practice them is to actually speak English. It is worth looking into a network of language exchanges or meetups where you can do this. Everybody here is learning so there is no need to feel shy.

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