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Top UK Universities for Overseas Students interested in Animal Research

Posted on December 24, 2018
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Top UK Universities for Overseas Students interested in Animal Research

The UK Universities that conduct various animal procedures have been ranked by an Animal Research organization. Understanding Animal Research, the organization that ranked the Universities has released the list on November 20 2018. The research done collectively by them amounts to one-third of all research in 2017. The Universities even appear in the QS 2018 World University ranking.

The organization suggested that these 10 Universities are the best choices for Overseas Students. They conducted over 1.33 million animal procedures. 99 percent of the experiments were run on rodents and fish. The research contributed to breeding genetically modified animals as well.

The Universities are committed to the 3R rule –

  • Reduction
  • Replacement
  • Refinement

As reported by, the 10 Universities ensure minimum use of animals. They have signed the agreement of openness on Animal Research. It’s an important initiative in the history of Veterinary and Animal Research. The Universities have released the animal numbers publicly on their websites. It is a lot more helpful for Overseas Students interested in Animal Research.

Let’s have a quick look at the top UK Universities in Animal Research –

University of Oxford  

To date, this University has performed total 236,429 Animal procedures. It is home to some world-class facilities. Overseas Students from various countries come to study Animal Sciences in it.

University of Edinburgh

In 2017, this University used 225,366 animals for research. 78.2 percent of them are rodents. 19 percent amount to fishes. Client-owned pet dogs were also used to study various subjects in the University in 2017.

University College London 

This University has used nearly 214000 animal procedures in 2017. The University has always been open about the number of animals it uses for study. It’s been home to thousands of Overseas Students over the years.

University of Cambridge

This University mostly carries out their Animal Research on mice and zebra fishes. In 2017, they ran nearly 158000 animal procedures.

King’s College London 

This University houses different species for their research. 75 percent of them are mice. In 2017, it has used almost 140,000 animals for research. Hundreds of Overseas Students migrate to the UK to study at this University.

University of Manchester 

This University has launched an online virtual tour program for people to check out their work. This helps Overseas Students to have an idea of the research it does. Almost 104,863 animal procedures were performed in 2017.

University of Sheffield 

Most of its researches are carried out on samples from human cells. It endorses minimum animal use. In 2017, less than 83000 animals were used for their research.

Imperial College London 

It houses nearly 80000 animals in 2017 thus securing the 8th position in the ranking.

Cardiff University 

This University contributes to the natural breeding of genetically modified animals.

University of Glasgow 

In 2017, it used nearly 46000 animals for their research. It has always been transparent about its research procedures.

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