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Transitioning to Remote Work: Best Countries for Digital Nomads in 2023

Posted on August 12, 2023
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Why be a digital nomad?

  • Don’t need to commute to work
  • Meet people belonging to new cultures
  • Work from any place
  • Low living expenses
  • Make new friends
  • Work at your convenience

Transitioning to Remote Work: Best Countries for Digital Nomads in 2023

Though the concept of remote working has been around for several years now, it became increasingly popular during the Covid-19 pandemic when people could not travel to workplaces.

Even after the virus faded away, it was adapted as a new mode of work for several professionals who prefer working virtually. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (USBLS), more than 33 percent of employees in the United States worked remotely or from wherever they were in 2022.

While professionals commuting to work saved time and money, many employers also agreed to it as it cut down their costs of operations as fewer laptops and PCs were needed by them, their electricity costs for running offices were reduced drastically, and so did their expenditure on overheads.

Many countries sensed in this an opportunity to attract remote workers to their countries, which would help their economies. These countries started incentivizing them by introducing digital nomad visas. It was a win-win situation for both remote workers as well as the countries that have created attractive settings to welcome them.

As of date, more than 55 countries offer digital nomad visas to remote workers. While most of them are from Europe and the Caribbean, there are countries from other parts of the world that have also jumped onto the bandwagon of digital nomad visas.


Canada, the world’s second-largest country by area, is home to varied landscapes, from plains to mountains and lakes to forested valleys. Remote workers can choose a landscape of their choice to settle in and operate from there. In fact, the federal government of Canada introduced a new digital nomad visa only in 2023 to welcome remote workers who can enter it after applying for a temporary work permit.

For the first six months of their stay in Canada, remote workers need to apply online by furnishing their employment proofs, passports, and biometric data.


Many people consider Georgia as one the most welcoming countries in the world. Located in East Europe, the country is home to friendly people, lovely food, the choicest wine, mountainous places, and more. Its capital, Tbilisi, and Tsentserensky are the most attractive places for remote workers holding digital nomad visas.


Spain, which is one of the most tourist-friendly countries in the world, offers Tapas bars, beach tourism, and summer resorts, among others. Locals are so accommodating that they make locals feel more than at home. Spain also launched its digital nomad visa to allow foreign nationals who want to live on its shores briefly. This European country’s visa for remote workers has a validity of one year which can be renewed.


Located in a region connecting Southeast and Central Europe, Croatia is famous for its tourist-friendly places. This country introduced its digital nomad visa two years ago, allowing remote workers to live briefly on its shores. As it became part of the Schengen Zone in January 2023, people residing in Croatia can travel to any of the 26 other countries in Europe without a visa. Close family members of people holding digital nomad visas can also avail of this benefit.

Its capital city, Zagreb, has numerous attractions for tourists. The other attractions of Croatia include UNESCO World Heritage Sites, national parks, natural parks, and beaches, among others.

Croatia offers a digital nomad visa for one-year, for which remote workers can apply online. The validity of this country’s visa for remote workers is valid only for one year.


According to a report released in 2023 by Expat Insider, Mexico is the best place for immigrants as the natives of the country are friendly, and accommodations are easily accessible. Remote workers who want to work in an inexpensive country will realize their dreams in Mexico. Apart from its capital Mexico City, the other friendly places for people holding temporary resident visas in this North American country are Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Acapulco, and Los Cabos, among others.

Though Mexico does not issue a digital nomad visa, it has a temporary resident visa in place, which allows its holders to stay for up to four years.


The Southeast Asian nation of Thailand, which was one the most visited countries in the world before the Covid-19 pandemic, is renowned for its food as well. Its major attractions are beaches and other tourist-friendly places. Also renowned for its unique culture, Thailand is an immigrant-friendly country that issues nomad digital types of visas through its Long-Term Resident Visa, which is issued to foreign nationals for ten years. They are capable of being renewed. The best places to stay in this country are Bangkok, Phuket, and Pattaya. This country is also known for its sports tourism and medical tourism.

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