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Church group protests against Trump’s new immigration bill

Posted on August 10, 2017
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Trump’s new immigration bill

The CWS (Church World Service) and National Council of Churches of Christ in USA Church World Service have asked all their member Churches to oppose the RAISE (Reforming American Immigration for a Strong Economy) Act, contending that the legislation was anti-family and anti-refugee.

(CWS), which represents 37 Anglican, Protestant and Orthodox communions, was quoted by India Abroad as saying that they urged all Congress members to reject this act.

They say that this bill violates the sanctity of families and commercalises the individuals’ worth by making family reunification tougher and would allow only individuals who possess certain education levels, English-language proficiency and employment to enter the United States. Calling this US Immigration policy regressive, they averred that these requirements would unreasonably discriminate against women and individuals from Asia, Africa and South and Central America.

About 70 percent of women who enter the US through the immigration system do so via the family-based visa system. They also added that it would also scrap the diversity visa to benefit only the whites

With the RAISE Act in place, the US citizens will not be able to sponsor their brothers and sisters and would make it impossible process for them to sponsor their parents for five-year visas. Affected also would be green card holders who would not be able to sponsor their children aged over 18, said the members of the group.

The group opined that as a Christian organisation, they were of the belief that a parent’s desire to live with their children is genuine, regardless of age and added that the government must not be a party in separating siblings.

They cited examples of Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, who arrived in the US as a refugee and Andrew Grove, founder and CEO of Intel, who joined his family in the US. They stated that Cleveland alone saw 38 businesses being started by refugees, who created jobs for 141 people.

The invoked the Bible to say that the RAISE Act denigrates the sanctity of a unified family. Finally, the group says that the bill would hardly increase wages or jobs for the US natives.

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