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Know the types of Canadian Visas for potential Immigrants

Posted on February 7, 2019
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types of Canadian Visas for potential Immigrants

Canada, being one of the most desirable countries for potential Immigrants, offers numerous Visa options. However, it’s imperative for Immigrants to have an understanding of all the Canadian Visas. The Visas are primarily divided into two categories –

  • Temporary Residence Visas
  • Permanent Residence Visas

Let’s have a brief look at the main Canadian Visas that fall under each category.

Student Visa:

Overseas Students can apply for the Student Visa Program in Canada. It’s a Temporary Visa. To attain the same, Overseas Students must apply to the Canadian Immigration authorities with the following documents –

  • Copy of passport
  • Documents supporting their personal information
  • Proof of their ability to bear the cost of education, tuition, and living
  • An acceptance letter from the Canadian University they applied to

Work Permit: 

Immigrants who wish to work temporarily in Canada must get this Temporary Canadian Visa. This is one of the most popular Canadian Visas, as quoted by The Times of India. However, presenting a job offer from a Canadian employer is a must. The employer should follow the below steps to get approval from the Government Human Resources Authorities –

  • The employer must advertise the position in Canada for a month
  • They should provide evidence that no Canadian is qualified enough for the position
  • With potent supporting documents, they must apply to the Government Human Resources Authorities for LMIA (Labour Market Impact Analysis)
  • Once received, they can hire an Overseas Worker

The Overseas Worker can then apply for the Work Permit.

Federal Skilled Worker Category (FSWC): 

FSWC is a type of Canadian Permanent Residence Visa. Out of all the available Canadian Visas, this one is purely skill-based. Candidates are assessed and subsequently, ranked on the following factors –

  • Education
  • Technical skills
  • Work experience
  • English/ French language proficiency

Overseas Immigrants should get at least 67 points out of 100 to be eligible for this Canadian Visa. Also, Immigrants must hold a minimum of 1 year of skilled work experience in the job they are applying for.

Canadian Experience Class Visa:

Out of all the Permanent Residence Canadian Visas, this one is the most desirable to Overseas Workers. The applicant must meet the following criteria –

  • Minimum 12 months of work experience in Canada
  • They must meet the English/ French language requirement

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