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How to get a UAE Transit Visa

Posted on April 28, 2018
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UAE Transit Visa

Obtaining a UAE Transit Visa is not tough but there are specific requirements and regulations. These will mandate that you plan adequately ahead if in case you intend to go for sightseeing. For instance, if you travel via Dubai and possess a ticket authorizing to another destination apart from the destination of your flight origin. The subsequent departure from UAE must be minimum 8 hours after arrival to the airport.

The applicant of the UAE Transit visa can also be from a nation that has been offered visa-free by the government. They can obtain a Visa on Arrival that is valid for 90, 30, or 14 days depending on the nationality and other factors. If the applicant’s nation is not on the list, then only flight agencies can get the approval for this visa, as quoted by the Gulf News.

The procedure to obtain a pre-planned UAE Transit Visa:

  • If you do not come under any of the categories of VOA, only the airline that you are traveling with can get you the transit visa
  • If so, you may also be required to have a confirmation for hotel reservation
  • In case your tour is organized by a travel agency, it can also assist you in obtaining the visa but will be routed via the airline only
  • Get the visa issued prior to the date of travel by a pre-planned visit and remember that the visa has a validity of 14 days from the date it is issued
  • After you arrive at UAE, the visa allows you to go for sightseeing for 4 days unhindered prior to reporting to your departure flight
  • You must pay the visa fee of 100DH and submit 2 photographs and a color copy of passports

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