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UK may accept higher immigration for better EU deal

Posted on April 3, 2018
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The UK may accept higher immigration levels for obtaining an enhanced trade deal with the European Union. Prime Minister Theresa May could be compelled by her top cabinet ministers to give up the target of 100,000 immigrants annually.

The EU may offer an enhanced and broader trade deal to the UK. This is if the UK permits the EU nationals to remain in the nation after Brexit if they possess a job offer, as quoted by the Daily Mail Co UK. This will end the hopes of decreasing the annual migration to the UK to 1, 00,000 annually that stands at 250,000 at present. The Tories have long held this target of the reduction in the annual immigration levels to the UK.

One of the UK Cabinet Ministers said that the Strategy and Negotiations Committee members are well established and clear regarding the diverse positions about red lines for the UK. But this is not the case when it comes to the issue of higher immigration, added the UK Minister.

The Cabinet Ministers will clearly isolate Theresa May on immigration. The reason is that Gove, Boris, Hammond, and Rudd all are pro-immigration. The UK Prime Minister may be pushed to the corner over migration, said the Minister.

UK Businesses in all industries are panicky over the loss of immigrant workers after exiting from the EU. The reason is that these immigrants offer cost-effective enhanced skills. The UK government has been cautioned this by one of its advisory committees.

The apprehensions of the UK businesses have been clearly outlined by the Migration Advisory Committee. It said that companies are unwilling to accept any reforms that will decrease the pool of skilled workers for job vacancies.

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