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UK Study Visas made easy for a few nations

Posted on March 9, 2019
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UK Study Visas

The UK Study Visas have been made easy for select nations but the list does not include India. These nations are now offered streamlined procedures for UK Student Visas. This is the second expansion of this list of nations and India has failed to make it even this time.

The expansion of the list was as a part of the changes to the UK Visa and immigration policies announced by the Government. It now includes Tunisia, Peru, Oman, Mauritius, Kazakhstan, and Brazil, as quoted by the Economic Times.

The changes will benefit the students from these nations who apply for the UK Study Visas. They will now be able to apply for the Student Visas through a process that is more streamlined, said the UK Home Office. It will also ensure that world-leading UK education institutions remain internationally competitive, it added.

This is the second time in the last few months that the Tier 4 Student Visas’ Appendix H list has been reviewed. It includes among other nations Mexico and China. The review has overlooked India for the second time. It is also among the top source nations for overseas students applying for UK Study Visas.

The Government of UK has claimed that India does not fulfil the eligibility criteria for being included in the expanded list. Students from India will not experience any change in the service that they are receiving, it added.

Meanwhile, the UK Home Office also unveiled 2 new Visa routes for skilled business people overseas. This is for setting up a business in the UK. These are UK Innovator Visa and UK Start-up visa.

Caroline Nokes the Immigration Minister of the UK said that her priority is to ensure that talented business individuals continue to arrive at the UK. This is by perceiving it as an attractive nation for developing their businesses, she added.

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