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In person interviews for US Green Cards compulsory for L1 and H1B US visa holders

Posted on September 1, 2017
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US Green Card Visas

Face to face Interviews for US Green Cards have become mandatory for H1B and L1 US Visa holders. Applicants intending to obtain legal permanent resident in the US through Green card will have to appear for it. The personal interview is aimed to prevent fraud by the US administration led by President Trump.

James McCament the Director of USCIS said that the mandatory face to face interviews for US Green Cards will be effective from 1 October 2017.

The new policy for face to face interviews is applicable for anyone possessing the provisional non-immigrant job-based US visa. This means along with H1B and L1 US Visa holders even O and R visa holders will have to appear for face to face interviews for US Green Cards.

Both the H1B and L1 US Visas are twin intention visas. This means that the permit holders can be employed in the US even as they apply for the Permanent Residence. EB1C system pathway is used by the L1 US visa holders to apply for the Green card. EB3 or EB2 Green Card pathway is often utilized by the H1 B visa holders, as quoted by the Workpermit.

Many applicants use the B1 trade visitor permit for the Green card in case they find that if they find that H1B pathway is arduous for them. Applicants for Green cards through any pathway who have family members as refugees or having asylum position will be required to appear for the interview.

Politico has reported that in the fiscal year 2015 around 122, 000 migrants transitioned from employment based visas like H1B and L1 US visas to US Green Card Visas.

The other visa categories of the US such as the E2 Treaty Investor visa and E1 Treaty Trader visa may also come under the mandatory interviews. Cater Langston the Spokesperson for USCIS said that there will be the gradual expansion of the visa categories that will have mandatory in person interview for the Green card.

William Stock the American Immigration Lawyers Association President said that in person interviews have been there for a while in the US Green Card regulations. But the condition had been normally waived, added Stock.

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