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Report reveals that almost 50% of the arrested immigrants in the US had no records of crime
Posted on May 16, 2017
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immigrants in the US

According to media report almost 50% of the immigrants who were taken into the custody of the police in the raids that were held across the US after Donald Trump assumed the office of the US President had either no records of crime committed or had committed trivial traffic offenses.

By citing the data provided by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Washington Post has said that most of the immigrants arrested for traffic offenses were convicts of drunken driving, quotes New Indian Express.

163 immigrants out of the total 675 arrested in February 2017 had traffic offenses against them while around 177 immigrants had no records of crime at all.

Out of the 177 immigrants who had no records of crime against them, the pending charges against 66 immigrants were related to alcohol.

US administration led by Trump has said that it is necessary to toughen immigration policies to eliminate crime activity that it has linked to immigration without legal approvals. On the other hand critics of Donald Trump have said that toughening policies for immigration are actually counterproductive in eliminating crime and impact communities that have no involvement in crime at all.

The raids were conducted as a part of the nationwide initiatives of the Donald Trump administration to deport several thousand of illegal immigrants, known as the Operation Cross Check.

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