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Immigration infighting could cost Republicans US House of Representatives
Posted on September 13, 2017
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Migrate to US

Immigration infighting of the Republicans over the immigrants who arrived illegally as kids could cost Republicans US House of Representatives in 2018. The picture of spiteful immigration infighting within the Republican Party was given by Steve Bannon. The former adviser to US President Donald Trump said this in an interview with CBS for its program “60 Minutes”.

The far-right views on immigration, trade, and climate formulated by Steve Bannon had shaped the presidential campaign of Trump and his initial months at the White House. He was relieved by Trump last month in a bid to end the factional wars within the US White House, as quoted by the Indian Express.

Steve Bannon has forecasted that Republican Party may lose control of the US House of Representatives in the 2018 congressional elections. This will be because of the factional war over the fate of 800,000 DACA immigrants popular as ‘Dreamers’, said Bannon.

Last week Trump announced the termination of DACA amnesty immigrant program with a delay of 6 months for enforcement. This program permits young immigrants who arrived illegally to the US to live and work in the nation.

Trump has given the US Congress controlled by the Republicans 6 months time to pass an alternate legislation. He said that he would intervene if the US lawmakers could not evolve a consensus. Bannon said that the Republican Party could lose the House over this issue. If things reach their logical conclusion in March 2018, it will be a civil war within the Republican Party, explained Bannon. Doing this in the launch of primary 2018 season is highly foolish, added Steve Bannon.

Republicans are sharply divided over the DACA immigrants. Some of them believe these to be illegal immigrants harming US locals in the job market while others say that they contribute to the US economy and deserve kind treatment.

Bannon also said that he quit the White House on his own and criticized the establishment Republicans. These have struggled with Trump at times who has never held any elected office in the US.

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