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US to rely on immigrants to fill STEM vacancies

Posted on June 16, 2016
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STEM Vacancies

The US will have to look for foreign nationals coming via the L-1B visa and H-1B visa to fill STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) jobs in the future, according to an the third annual US News/Raytheon STEM Index analysis, which came out on 17 May.

This index, an interactive study of STEM activity in the United States since 2000, shows that even as the number of people graduating in STEM has risen in the US, there are not enough experienced native STEM workers in the country.

Advances in education and hiring in the US notwithstanding, the index shows that gaps in skills exist, which are being filled by STEM graduates from abroad.

Brian Kelly, US News Editor and Chief Content Officer, said that in spite of the considerable public and private investment, America is still unable to develop enough native STEM workers for the country’s future requirements. The US needs to concentrate its energies on encouraging more youngsters, especially women and African-Americans, to pursue STEM.

ECampus News, a print and online newspaper that facilitates US schools to leverage technology and the Internet, found that the number of STEM graduates who passed out in 2016 increased by six percent. On the other hand, STEM jobs increased by 28 percent since 2000.

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