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Why US immigration crackdown needs rethinking

Posted on February 10, 2018
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US Immigration

US immigration crackdown has resulted in much debate in the nation over the immigrants residing in it without any permission. It also includes those immigrants who have the permission but are having criminal convictions.

Pro-immigration supporters contend that the US as a nation was built by immigrants. It promised a safe destination for poor, tired and deprived masses desiring free life. The immigrants sheltered in the sanctuary cities contribute to the economy of the US and the society. This is for decades and continues even today.

The opponents of immigration say that the immigrants who have breached US Immigration Rules must be deported.

The issue of US immigration crackdown is really contentious. The national debate will go on in 2018 as Dreamers take the center stage in US politics. The drive to enforce immigration rules is having its consequences, as quoted by the M Live.

The US immigration courts are now log jammed. As a result, the immigrants facing deportation trial may have to wait for years to get their turn in the courts. This is emotionally taxing to 100s of families who have to live in ambiguity in this period. Majority of the families consist of mixed nationalities wherein one of the parents is not a US citizen and the other is a US citizen.

The US Immigration courts definitely need to be made more efficient, undoubtedly. The nation promises the right to speedy trial and in this case, that promise is not delivered. As an immediate measure, the courts can focus on priority cases. This must exclude those who are residing in the US for years and with no criminal background.

The focus of the immigration courts must be on those immigrants who breach the US law and commit grave offenses. In this case, speedy trial is the best method to deport the criminals.

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