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A solution to the US immigration debate

Posted on February 29, 2016
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Immigration debate

In one corner: various tech organizations who claim they have an extensive number of unfilled positions and cannot discover suitable skilled American workers to fill everything their needs, and in this manner need to hires skilled foreign workers through a H-1B visa program.

In the other corner: Immigration cynics, including most likely every unemployed software engineer in the US, who think tech organizations basically like to contract less expensive & imported skilled work immigrants as opposed to more costly American workers.

A fight is not required. Here’s a better, less debatable thought that may just save us for this ongoing debate; a market mechanism that would decide clearly who is right, as well as what the market price for skilled immigrant work really is. In this manner educating future US immigration debate development. At this moment, H-1B visas are issued on a first come, first serve premise, for a constant fee, and the number is capped. Such a scheme will let us know nothing about how much a H-1B visa is really worth to a business. What’s more, on the grounds that the immigration number is capped and the charge low, the framework really supports a lottery or bonanza approach. As it were, businesses would apply for any number of visas as could reasonably be expected. This current framework has a negative impact on both parties.

It would do well to assign H-1B visas by means of a barter process. On the off chance that H-1B visas were delivered to businesses every year in a fixed manner, with offers allocated from the highest to the lowest, until the quota were completed. Such a framework would effectively value the estimation of talented foreign immigrants to the US economy, giving tech managers more stability and especially serving to decide what number of H-1B visas are made accessible taking into account market mechanism.

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