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US universities that accept GRE scores less than 300

Posted on July 4, 2022
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US universities that accept GRE scores less than 300


Most students who wish to study in the US apply for universities that accept GRE scores as one of the requirements. There are many instances when few students score less than 300, for which they think they will not be able to get admission to their desired institution.

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What is a ‘Good GRE Score’ for you?

A good GRE score varies from university to university and sometimes varies from person to person. For some students, 310 is a good score to get admission to the university. The good score depends on the individual parameters, so the following can be considered a good GRE score.

  • Note down the list of universities you are willing to apply for admission to.
  • List down the university details that require the average GRE scores.
  • Many US universities pay attention to your quant scores and verbal scores individually rather than considering the overall score. Quant scores are required more for applying to maths and science-related programs, and the verbal score is for humanities programs.
  • Concentrating on these particular scores might acquire you the aspiring program.
  • Design your score to score at least two points above the highest score after shortlisting the university average scores.
  • Now, you can finalize your goal score.

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Guide for GRE score

Sections Score Ranges
Verbal Reasoning 130-170, 1 point increments
Quantitative Reasoning 130-170, 1 point increments
Analytical Writing 0-6, 0.5 point increments

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Universities that accept scores between 310 and 320

The ‘GRE Score plays an important role in getting admission to the university, but it is not the final factor to decide. Universities also consider the Grade Point Average (GPA)., internships, work experience, CV, letter of recommendation, etc., for providing admission to their university.

Many US universities rank among the top 100 universities in the USA and accept GRE scores between 300 and 310. Following is the list of US universities accepting scores below 320.

US Universities accepting GRE 315 – 320 US Universities accepting GRE 310 – 315
New York University Arizona State University
UC Davis University of Rochester
University of Southern California University of South Carolina
Pennsylvania State University Indiana University – Bloomington
North Carolina State University University of Colorado Boulder
Ohio State University San Jose State University
Michigan State University Syracuse University
SUNY Stony Brook SUNY Buffalo
Boston University University of Florida
Vanderbilt University UT Dallas
Virginia Tech George Mason University
UC Santa Barbera
University of Cincinnati
University of Utah
University of Missouri
UNC – Chapel Hill
lowa State University

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US universities that accept GRE scores between 300 to 310

US Universities accepting GRE 305 – 310 US Universities accepting GRE 305 – 300
University of Alabama SUNY Binghamton
University of Louisiana Southern Methodist University
Illinois institute of Technology Stevens Institute of Technology
University of Pittsburg University of Nebraska
UT Arlington New Jersey Institute of Technology
University of Central Florida University of Tampa
Texas Tech University University of Houston
Missouri State University Colorado State University
Wayne State University Rochester Institute of Technology
Northeastern University Louisiana State University
SUNY institute of Technology Auburn University
Tennessee Technological University University of Kentucky
University of Oklahoma University of Kansas
Kansas State University North Dakota State University
West Virginia University Drexel University
Oregon State University University of Arkansas
University of Nevada University of Dayton
Oklahoma State University University of New Mexico
University of Connecticut Villanova University
Wright State University

US Universities that accept GRE score of 300 (295-301)

Some universities accept GRE scores which are between the numbers 295 – 301. Then the students need to thoroughly check the details of the universities before applying for GRE scores, i.e., between 290 and 300, and their scholastic faculties and attractive infrastructures.

US Universities that accept GRE score of 295-301

Sl. No University Name
1 San Diego State University
2 Kent State University
3 Northern Illinois University
4 Wichita State University
5 Western Kentucky University
6 Central Michigan University
7 Cleveland State University
8 California State University Sacramento
9 Montana State University
10 UT Tyler
11 Ball State University
12 New York Institute of Technology
13 University of Denver
14 Eastern Michigan University
15 University of Central Arkansas

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