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Visa Free Travel for Indians to 60 Countries in 2021

Posted on January 13, 2021
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According to Henley, “Asia Pacific reigns in 2021 Henley Passport Index as region looks set to emerge first from pandemic”.

A global leader in residence and citizenship planning, Henley & Partners also runs a leading government advisory practice.

The Henley Passport Index is an original ranking of all the passports of the world based on the number of destinations that their passport holders can access without a prior visa.

Recently released, the 2021 Henley Passport Index provides “fascinating insights into the future of travel freedom” in a world that has undergone a transformation by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Without taking into consideration the temporary restrictions, Japan retains its place as the Most Powerful Passport in the World on the Henley Passport Index: Q1 2021 Global Ranking. This is the third consecutive year that Japan has taken the top spot, that is, either alone or jointly with Singapore.

As per Henley & Partners, “Asia Pacific [APAC] region countries’ dominance of the index — which is based on exclusive data from the International Air Transport Association [IATA] — now seems firmly established.”

India finds its place at #85 on the 2021 Henley Passport Index. There are 58 destinations that provide visa-free access to Indian nationals in 2021.

58 destinations Indians can travel to without a visa in 2021
Asia [11 destinations] Bhutan
Cambodia [visa on arrival]
Laos [visa on arrival]
Macao [SAR China]
Maldives [visa on arrival]
Myanmar [visa on arrival]
Sri Lanka [visa on arrival]
Thailand [visa on arrival]
Timor-Leste [visa on arrival]
Middle East [3 destinations] Iran [visa on arrival]
Jordan [visa on arrival]
Europe [1 destination] Serbia
Americas [2 destinations] Bolivia [visa on arrival]
El Salvador
Caribbean [11 destinations] Barbados
British Virgin Islands
St. Kitts and Nevis
St. Lucia [visa on arrival]
St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Trinidad and Tobago
Oceania [9 destinations] Cook Islands
Marshall Islands [visa on arrival]
Palau Islands [visa on arrival]
Samoa [visa on arrival]
Tuvalu [visa on arrival]
Africa [21 destinations] Botswana [visa on arrival]
Cape Verde Islands [visa on arrival]
Comores Islands [visa on arrival]
Ethiopia [visa on arrival]
Gabon [visa on arrival]
Guinea-Bissau [visa on arrival]
Kenya [visa on arrival]
Madagascar [visa on arrival]
Mauritania [visa on arrival]
Mozambique [visa on arrival]
Rwanda [visa on arrival]
Seychelles [visa on arrival]
Sierra Leone [visa on arrival]
Somalia [visa on arrival]
Tanzania [visa on arrival]
Togo [visa on arrival]
Uganda [visa on arrival]
Zimbabwe [visa on arrival]

There are also certain countries that offer e-visa facility to Indian nationals.

36 Foreign countries that provide e-Visa to Indian nationals
Armenia Azerbaijan Bahrain Barbados Benin Cambodia
Colombia Cote D’ IVoire Djibouti Ethiopia Georgia Guinea
Kazakhstan Kenya Kyrgyzstan Republic Lesotho Malaysia Moldova
Myanmar New Zealand Papua New Guinea Russian Federation

[specific areas]

Saint Lucia Saint Vincent and Grenadines
Singapore South Korea Sri Lanka Suriname Taiwan Tajikistan
Tanzania Thailand Uganda Uzbekistan Vietnam Zambia

The emergence of Asian Pacific countries in the Henley Passport Index rankings is a relatively new phenomenon.

In the 16-year history of the Henley Passport Index, the top spots have traditionally been held by EU countries, the US, or the UK. According to experts, “the APAC region’s position of strength will continue as it includes some of the first countries to begin the process of recovering from the pandemic”.

As per the Chairman of Henley & Partners Dr Christian H. Kaelin, “… as restrictions begin to lift, the results from the latest index are a reminder of what passport power really means in a world upended by the pandemic.”

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