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Want to be one of the 432,000 migrants moving to Canada in 2022?

Posted on March 2, 2022
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Want to be one of the 432,000 migrants moving to Canada in 2022

Canada announced adding more than one million immigrants in the coming three years to support its growth after the pandemic.

The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Government aims to add over 4 lakh permanent residents this year, more than 4.4 lakhs newcomers by 2023, over and 4.5 lakhs immigrants by 2024. This makes moving to Canada easier.

This has been stated in the Immigration Levels Plan of 2022-24. The figures for the current year and 2023 have been revised for a higher number than the earlier targets of 4.11 lakhs and 4.21 lakhs, respectively.

Indians in Canada

Indians have been gaining more permanent residency in Canada than any other country. They account for approximately 40% of the total population. In 2020, over twenty-seven thousand Indians went to Canada, and over fifty thousand were issued Invitation to Apply for permanent residence.

Canada expects approximately 3.5 lakh newcomers for a permanent residency each year. It plans to increase the number of inclusion of immigrants in the future. The pandemic slowed down immigration in 2020. The Federal Government welcomed close to 1o lakhs new immigrants from 2019 to 2021. They are yet to reach the goal, though.

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The Canadian Immigration Minister says…

The Canadian Immigration Minister, Sean Fraser, says that immigration has been one of the significant factors to have led Canada to be what it is today. He also adds that post-pandemic, new immigrants would help recover the economy.

Addition of Immigrants in Canada

Canada expects around 56% of new immigrants in 2022. They will be welcomed under the pathway of economic class. It includes Provincial Nominee Program, Express Entry, and the Temporary to Permanent Residence. According to the reports, these streams were the available ones in 2021.

Provincial Nominee Program

The primary admissions would be through Provincial Nominee Program. This program is for economic class immigrants. The IRCC or Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada is looking to add more than eighty-three thousand newcomers through the PNP by 2022. The IRCC has halved the Express Entry admissions this year. It aims for regular Express Entry admissions by 2024. A target of more than 1.11 lakhs of Express Entry has been planned after that. This is per the first Immigration Levels Plan of October 2020.

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Past Additions of Immigrants in Canada

Immigration has been the primary catalyst of Canada’s economy. Immigrants account for all of the growth in the nation’s employment. In the past, Canada welcomed more than 4 lakh newcomers. It has been the most significant increase in one year in its history.

Future additions to Canada

Suppose Canada sticks to its commitment to the population growth of the country. In that case, it will add around 1.14 percent of the Canadian population by 2024. More than half of the newcomers will be qualified as economic immigrants. They are selected based on their work experience and skills.

Why should you move to Canada?

Let’s go over some positive factors of Canada that allures people, and hopefully you, to move to Canada.

  • Pro-immigration policies

The laws of Canada are ratified in its Parliament to include more and more immigrants in their population. This is done to boost the economy.

  • Plurality in Culture

Due to the inclusion of people from all over the world, Canada is a melting pot of cultures. The diversity in cultures and something for everyone makes a safe and comforting space in a new country.

  • Education

The Canadian Government has the highest investment among all other nations in their country’s education. Canada provides a world-class level of education with new approaches and experienced educators.

  • Healthcare

Canada is famous worldwide for its free health care to its citizens. Healthcare that is vital for humans is provided at low rates and sometimes at no cost by experienced healthcare workers and new-age medical technologies.

  • Climate

Canada being in the sub-polar region offers pleasant weather. The country in winters looks like a postcard with maple trees, snow, and reindeers.

  • Stability in Economy

The economy of Canada has been stable. The market doesn’t fluctuate, leading to financial loss, and the addition of immigrants has been boosting the economy.

  • Safety

Safety is ensured in Canada because of its law-enforcement bodies. Due to its geography, Canada has never been involved in global conflicts ever.

  • Canada’s democratic Government

The Canadian Government is appreciated for being democratic and working for the benefit of its citizens. The natives and people who have migrated are treated the same per the laws drafted.

  • Nature in Canada

The landscape in Canada is picturesque because of the mountains, lakes, vegetation, and snow. Who would not want to live in such a beautiful country!!!

  • Transparent Immigration Policies

Canada has transparent and credible immigration policies that make moving to the country convenient.

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