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What a student would love to know about Denmark

Posted on July 4, 2020
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Study in Denmark

Denmark has emerged as a prospective destination for studies for so many years. A Denmark study visa is your ticket to go into a new experience in education and culture that is mostly nothing like what you may have experienced.

Denmark is home to world-class universities, ranked among the top in world rankings. With a Denmark student visa and enrolment into one of these universities, you will be all set to explore a campus culture and local culture that will change your world.

Here are a few facts about Denmark that will help you better appreciate the experience you are bound to have in the country.

  • Though Danish is Denmark’s national language, German and English are also widely spoken.
  • Denmark is ranked as one of the safest countries in the world.
  • Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark is divided into zones. While you travel in its public transport system, the fares will depend on the number of zones you travel through.
  • The Copenhagen Card will permit you to travel unlimited via public transport in the city. It also provides free entry to over 80 museums and other attractions.
  • Courses in Denmark’s universities are of high quality and are internationally recognized.
  • Over 600 study programs in Denmark are taught in English.
  • Denmark’s universities that are counted among the world’s best universities include:
    • Aarhus University
    • University of Denmark
    • Aalborg University
    • University of Copenhagen
  • Students have 5 types of educational institutions in Denmark:
    • Schools of Maritime Education and Training
    • Artistic Higher Education Institutions
    • Business Academies
    • University Colleges
    • Universities
  • Higher education is free for students from Switzerland and the EU/EEA. It’s so even for students participating in an exchange program. For other students, the annual tuition costs between €6,000 and €16,000.
  • A non-EU or EEA citizen will need a Danish Student Resident Permit to do studies in Denmark.
  • Working part-time is allowed for international students in Denmark. There are EU/EEA, Swiss, or Nordic citizen have no restriction on the number of hours one can work. A non-EU/EEA student can work up to 20 hours a week during studies.
  • To work after doing a study course in Denmark, you will need a residence permit if you are a non-EU/EEA or Swiss citizen.
  • If you are a citizen of Iceland, Finland, Sweden, or Norway, you can live, study in Denmark, and work in Denmark without a work permit, visa or residence permit.

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