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What are Canadian Super Visas and their requirements?

Posted on December 11, 2018
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Canadian Super Visa

Canada is one of the most favorable destinations for Overseas Immigrants. While they are away pursuing a promising career or education, their family misses them no end. Hence, Canada has come up with a Visa for parents and grandparents. They can visit their children or grandchildren while they are in Canada.

Canadian Super Visa is a Temporary Canadian Visa. It is also known as the Parent Visa. Their children or grandchildren must be Canadian Permanent Residents. The Visa allows them to stay in the country for up to 2 years. However, they cannot avail of any Canadian benefits such as health coverage.

Canadian Super Visa requirements:

Let’s check out the requirements parents and grandparents must fulfill to get the Canadian Super Visa.

  • Passport must have one blank page
  • Supporting documents must be in English or French
  • They must provide documents proving no criminal history
  • Applicants must pay Visa processing fees
  • Candidates applying through Visa Application Centers must provide a letter of consent
  • Candidates must prove that they own enough funds to cover the trip
  • Candidates must appear for an interview or giving biometric information
  • A medical examination is mandatory
  • Parents and grandparents must prove that they would not work in Canada

Low income cut off point requirement:

This is a mandatory requirement that children or grandchildren have to meet. They must prove that they have enough funds to host their parents or grandparents in Canada. For one person they would have to show an annual fund of $24,949. For 2 persons it goes up to $31,061. As reported by, they can add their spouse’s income too.

Forms to be submitted:

 Candidates must fill out the following forms and submit:

  • Temporary Residence application form
  • Family information form

Candidates might have to fill out other forms specific to their situation such as common-law union declaration form.

Mandatory documents:

Following documents are mandatory for Overseas Immigrants applying for Canadian Super Visa:

  • Travel history
  • Bank statements
  • Travel itinerary
  • A letter of invitation from children or grandchildren
  • Bank statements of child or grandchild proving they meet low income cut off criteria
  • A declaration letter to the Canadian Government stating why you need the Canadian Super Visa
  • Employment or education status

Canadian Super Visa fees:

The following costs will be involved in the process:

  • CAD$100 for Visa application
  • CAD$85 for biometric processing
  • CAD$45 for passport processing

Canadian Super Visa processing time:

The Visa processing time may range from 8 days to 50 days at the max. However, it depends on the country the candidate is from.

Who can accompany you?

Parents or grandparents migrating to Canada can take their common-law partner or spouse to the country.

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