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What are the advertising requirements for Canadian employers hiring foreign workers

Posted on June 10, 2022
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What are the advertising requirements for Canadian employers hiring foreign workers - (2)

The advertising requirements can direct you to advertise for a few positions and the terminology used in the advertisement.

Standard recruitment requirements

Suppose mandatory information is satisfied and is placed in public advertisements. In that case, that can provide more exposure to the vacancy to Canadian citizens and permanent residents in Canada who can be a prospect for the position. For higher-skilled occupations, the advertising requirements need to be met.

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Minimum advertising requirements that employers must advertise

  • The advertisement that has to be posted for an occupation, at least a minimum of four weeks before it has to be posted, starting from the first day the ad must appear and be made accessible to the general public.
  • The ad must be posted and actively seek qualified Canadians and permanent residents until the labor market issues an opinion.
  • Two or more methods of consistent recruitment process must be practiced as an option.
  • Employers can choose more than one method in the national scope, as most highly skilled positions are often checked by people online, i.e., on mobile and ready to re-locate to work.
  • Employers can choose the other method of advertising for Recruitment from print media, general employment websites, or even specific occupation profiles that can be posted on specialized websites.
  • Employers must express and show that the print media and websites that are used for advertising to target an audience who has proper education, professional experience, or even skill level that are required for the occupation.
  • Employers must submit the proof of advertisement and the results of their attempts to recruit Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

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Each advertisement must consist of

  • Company operating name
  • Business address
  • Title of position
  • Job duties
  • Terms of employment
  • A Wage range can be used for advertisement requirements.
  • Location of work
  • Contact information and Skills requirements
  • Work experience

There are exclusions to this, but sometimes it needs a postal code which depends on the Service Canada officer. Currently, Service Canada is adamant to the companies that post wages if an ad is submitted once they are run stating the wages.

Highest paid professions in Canada under NOC – 2022


Average Salary paid
Information Technology

100,000 CAD


89,000 CAD

92,000 CAD

Sales & Marketing

80,000 CAD
Health care

95804 CAD

Finance & Accounting

69,000 CAD

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Other methods of advertisement recruitment can include:

  • Participating in job fairs
  • Partnering with training institutions or providing internships
  • Using professional recruitment agencies
  • Advertising through professional associations
  • Recruitment within the company
  • Employers need to target the under negligible or under presented groups for lower-skilled positions.

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Things the employers can do

Employers can recruit workers from the local or provincial employment or service centers for native youth or even new immigrants and people with disabilities.

Can even run online recruitment strategies or accept from ongoing advertising and also organize interviews to maintain a pre-screened applicants pool.

  • Must appoint concerned authorities
  • In the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
  • The citizens of the U.S. and Mexico were set as professors for the university and college
  • For Canada and Chile Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA)
  • The citizens of Chile were appointed as professors

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