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What are the benefits of working in France?

Posted on January 31, 2023
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France, located in the Western part of Europe, is a diverse nation with a scenic outlook and artsy museums. It also hosts some of the most beautiful monuments, like the Eiffel Tower, a hotspot for most tourists. The country is primarily known to be a fashion capital, with some of the classic fashion houses and designers residing in the country. The cuisine and winery are other highlights of the country. The most underrated quality of France is that it is one of the most lucrative places to find employment, as it comes with plenty of benefits and work conveniences.

Let’s find out more about the benefits of working in France.

Employment opportunities in France

  • The total population of France as of 29 January 2023 is 65,644,417.
  • The employment rate in France is set to increase to 98 Million in 2023
  • The average salary in France as of 2022 is €2,340 net per monthor €39,300 net per year

Top paid salaries in France 2023

The table below has information about the top 10 professions in France along with their salaries.

Profession Average salary Salary range
Engineer €43k €20k – €69k
DevOps Engineer €56k €40k – €69k
IT manager €81k €55k -€100k
Human Resources Manager €75k €59k – €95k
Accountants €33k €16k – €52k
Medical doctors €89k €47k – €140k
Surgeons €155k €75k – 240k
Healthcare professionals €74k €15k – €221k
University professors €71k €36k – €110k
Language teacher €37k €19k – 57k

*Note: The values mentioned above are approximate values and may vary with the company and region in France. A

Top in-demand jobs in France 2023

  • IT professionals
  • Financial analysts
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Dentists
  • Surgeons/doctors
  • Research scientists

How to find a good job opening in France?

  • Contact a local job agency.
  • Skim through job search engine portals
  • You can get in touch with any of the recruitment agencies.
  • Social media
  • Online platforms
  • Company referrals
  • Walk-in interviews
  • Get in touch with France-based companies.

Benefits of working in France

High quality of life

The life expectancy rate is the highest in France, owing to the quality of life in the country. The quality of life in France is top-tier, thanks to the many attributes it has bagged over a period of time.

Economic boost

After the covid phase, France successfully recovered and employed its citizens. Not only does the country maintain a low rate of crime, but it also has affordable housing and reasonable living costs, which contribute to the growth of the France economy. The rate and cost of living are standard and highly accessible even for the poverty-stricken population.

Annual leave entitlements

Long-term employees in France can take time off as per their necessities.   Companies in France also grant leaves to candidates for family-related events and celebrations.

Some of the privileges given to the employees for family-related events are –

  • A total of four days off for the employee’s wedding or marriage ceremony.
  • A day off for the wedding of the employee’s child.
  • A full five days off for the demise of the employee’s child.
  • A total of three days off for the demise of the employee’s partner
  • A total of three days off for the demise of the employee’s close kin.

Paternal leave

  • Medical costs will be covered in cash provided the employee stops seeking work that gets you paid. Fathers are offered paid grants as a part of the paternal leave. The number of days for paternal leave is twenty-five days and thirty-two days in cases of multiple births.
  • In cases of adoption, the father and mother are allowed to share the leave allowances.

Some of the criteria to avail the paternal leave include the following –

  • The total number of working hours must align with the given requirements to avail of the parental benefits.
  • Enrol ten months before the arrival of the child.

Maternal leave

  • The employee can take a leave for 16 weeks.
  • You must take a leave for a minimum of 8 weeks.
  • The timeframe for leave is extended to 26 weeks in case of the birth of a third child.
  • The leave for prenatal birth is extended to 12-24 weeks and 22 weeks for the post-natal period.

Pension plans

The French government has a retirement system that comprises three different plans –

  • The basic retirement pension
  • Complementary retirement pension
  • Employer-paid private pension plan

Increase in pay for Overtime

For the employees who work overtime with a prior agreement, the company pays them 110% of the general wages, and employees with no contract are likely to get 125% for the first eight hours, which gradually increases.

Medical coverage

The healthcare system in France is primarily sponsored by the government and is known to be one of the best healthcare systems in the world. Initially, the government reimburses 70% of healthcare costs and can extend it to 100% in cases of chronic illnesses. Employers should offer health insurance to their employees according to French Social Security.

Flexibility in work hours

Most companies in France are offering a hybrid working model where employees are given the flexibility to maintain a balance in work life. The operating hours are made adjustable for the employees.

Plenty of job opportunities

France has one of the best corporate work opportunities across several industries, and the country welcomes highly skilled workers to fill the job openings. International students with a visa can avail of part-time jobs and post-study work options based on their skills and area of expertise.

Social security benefits

The local, national and regional organizations manage social security in the country. International expats would have to pay the resident taxes, which will facilitate them to avail of benefits like allowances, pension schemes, etc.

Education benefits

Employees in France are given an education account, also known as the CPF (Compte personnel de formation). The funds are credited by the employer in this account and can be used by the employee for training and course-related learning purposes. The candidate can seek the right to training via CPF throughout their employment until retirement.

Safe environment

France has a low rate of crime with a friendly neighborhood. Most of the states in France are considered safe, even for female travelers and tourists visiting the country. The people of France are known to be welcoming and affectionate to visitors and foreign residents, making it a suitable place to live and work in the country.

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