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What are the benefits of working in the UK?

Posted on March 30, 2022
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What are the benefits of working in the UK

The United Kingdom (UK) is a chosen destination for many aspiring migrant workers. The fifth-largest economy globally and the second-largest in Europe ranks 13 on human development indices (HDIs). Known also as Britain, it is well developed in the science and IT sectors. It is one of the preferred countries for migrants who want to use the professional prospects it offers them.

Because of its rich history and global cities like London, tourism is also a significant revenue earner for this European nation. A federation of four countries of Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, and Wales has other large cities like Manchester, Glasgow, and Leeds, where many migrants flock to for work. Several visa programs help you work in the UK.

Significant advantages of working in the UK

Since it is a developed nation, employees, every year, are not needed to work for more than 48 hours in a week, are awarded 48 leaves in a year, earn huge sums of salary when compared to their counterparts in developing nations, and are entitled social security benefits.

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Apart from the above, the British pound exchange rate is very high. So, whatever be your salary, you can convert it and earn more in your home country. Moreover, the UK offers a good lifestyle, decent healthcare quality, a multicultural population, and more.

Educational and healthcare facilities in the UK

The UK offers to people living within its borders free medical and educational facilities up to an extent. Migrants can use these unique health plans to access top-class treatment during emergencies or for routine healthcare by paying only nominal rates, which the government of the UK offers subsidies for. Moreover, their children can also avail free education in the country’s numerous renowned schools and universities. Britain is home to two of the best universities globally: Oxford and Cambridge, which offer the best of campuses, quality education, and attractive job opportunities to all of those who pass out from here.

Social security doles in the UK

The British government offers five top social security benefits to employees working within the country. They include the following:

  • National Health Service (NHS): Through it, the government of this country provides to its citizens and others staying there medical, dental, and optical treatments, which are decidedly world-class. They are all free for UK residents.
  • National Insurance (NI): This scheme offers financial aid to employees and their families who are ailing, unemployed, lost a partner due to death, and retirement benefits, among others. All those who pay National Insurance contributions are entitled to these benefits.
  • Non-contributory Benefits: This is earmarked for differently-abled people with specific disabilities or those facing impediments in personal life.
  • Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit: This scheme provides cash benefits to people who encounter specific issues while raising their children.
  • Other statutory payments that employers make to employees: They include maternity leave, paternity leave, and adoption leave, among others.

To be eligible for these benefits, as an immigrant, you will need to apply for a social security number, also known as the National Insurance number, that you will be given to all those who partake in NI contributions.

Under NI, you are entitled to significant benefits like pensions or insurance if you lose a job or are unwell for a long time. The other NI benefits you are eligible for are Income Support, Housing Benefit, Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), Disability Living Allowance (DLA), Personal Independence Payment (PIP), and Council Tax Support/Reduction,

Options for obtaining British permanent residency

If you completed working in the YK for over five years, you are entitled to apply for UK permanent residency. A permanent residency in this country allows you to live and work anywhere in the UK without possessing a visa. A permanent residency also permits you to bring your family members to stay along with you in the UK.

Do remember that when you relocate to the UK, it is mandatory to apply for a NI number, with which you avail yourself most of the benefits that UK citizens are also eligible for.

Along with the benefits mentioned above, some restaurants offer cuisines of all major nations. As English is the official language, those with proficiency in it can have a hassle-free life in the country. Additionally, people are migrant-friendly; there are scenic locales in Britain where you enjoy holidays. The country is well connected to all parts of the globe through its numerous international airports.

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