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What can you do to become more employable as an overseas student?

Posted on June 6, 2018
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Overseas Students

You have already begun to focus on your career in the final year and would definitely do every little bit to enhance your chances of obtaining Overseas Jobs. So what all is required of you to set you on the path of overseas career. Below are some initiatives that will help you:

Enhance your CV:

Each time you involve in anything even remotely related to your area of study/career that is impressive add it to your CV.


A great way to add the needed workplace skills while demonstrating your concern for a cause is to volunteer.

Part-time work:

It is great if you can juggle your social life and university and work in a part-time job. It will definitely enhance your employability, as quoted by the Study International.


Try to obtain an internship in your relevant field irrespective of the duration. This is a sure way to increase your chances of getting a job as an overseas student.


Check if your university hosts events to connect with future employers. It is of great advantage to be familiar with someone working in the sector in many industries. This may help in gaining entry in the job market.

Identify dream firms:

Research on your dream firms with whom you would be interested to work with and connect with them.

Develop your LinkedIn:

Focus on improving your LinkedIn profile. Share blogs related to your field and update them as frequently as you update your CV. You never know the readers can also consist of your future recruiter.

Smart social media:

Similar to the lines of LinkedIn work on your social media accounts as well. Make them look as professional as possible.

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