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What is the average salary in Germany for 2023?

Posted on January 18, 2023
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What is the average salary in Germany for 2023

An average working professional generally earns about 3,810 EUR per month with an average base salary of 960 EUR and a high average salary of 17,000 EUR. The monthly wages typically include transport, housing, and other added benefits.

Let’s decipher a detailed breakdown of the average salary in Germany.

Salary Comparison

The annual average salary can be compared based on years of experience in terms of education and duration of gender.

Salary comparison based on the Years of Experience

The level of experience acts as a deciding factor for the salary. People with prior experience are always preferred first, owing to their credibility of skills and expertise. The more experience, the better the wage distribution and likewise. Professionals with two to five years of experience are said to make 32% more in comparison with the fresher in the industry, and those with over five years of experience generally take a whopping 36% more increment. A successful completion of 10 years or more will have its profits.

*Note: The changes in salaries will always differ based on the location and occupation. The figures given in this article are just approximate values. 

Salary comparison based on Education

A well-qualified and highly educated individual will have a better chance of scoring a job with a high package. A person with a diploma gets 17% more earnings than a high-school-level candidate. Similarly, a Bachelor’s degree can make 24% more than certificate/diploma holders. A Master’s degree can get you 29% more earnings than a Bachelor’s degree while working the same job.

*Note: The changes in salaries will always differ based on the location and occupation. The figures given in this article are just approximate values.

Salary comparison based on Gender

There has always been a long debate about gender equality and how men and women deserve to be paid equally. Unfortunately, as per the stats, men in Germany are paid 6% more than women across all industries and sectors of work.

Male 3,920 EUR
Female 3,700 EUR

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Average salary increment in Germany

An employee working in Germany is bound to get an increment or hike of 8% every 16 months.

*Note: The increments will vary based on the individual, the job role, performance of the candidate and other factors. 

 Calculate salary increment in Germany

A simple formula is used to calculate the increment in Germany.

The average salary increment rate can differ based on the Industry and the candidate’s experience level.

The Annual salary increment is based on two main factors –

Annual increment rate by Industry

Companies based on in-demand industries tend to have more frequent increments and hikes. The values, however, may change per the company’s policies. The overall deciding factor eventually boils down to the country’s economic condition. The table below shows us the approximate estimations based on the most recent reports.

Industry Rate of increment
Banking 9%
Energy 9%
Information Technology 9%
Healthcare 9%
Travel 9%
Construction 9%
Education 9%

Annual increment rate by experience

Individuals skilled and have quality experience are usually given increments based on their performance and contribution to the organization. The less experienced professionals are offered hikes at a much later stage in their work phase.

Level of experience Rate of increment
Junior level 3%-5%
Mid-career 6% -9%
Senior level 10-15 %
Top management 15% -20%

Types of incentives in Germany

  • Individual performance-based bonuses – This type of bonus depends on the employee’s performance, wherein the employee is rewarded accordingly.
  • Company performance bonus – This type of bonus is when the company does exceedingly well and shares the income with the employees as bonuses.
  • Goal-based bonus is given upon achieving a particular task or milestone.
  • End-of-the-year bonus – This type of bonus is given as a token of appreciation.

The criteria for a high salary job with good bonuses

Revenue generators and supporting casts are the main factors that get you a job with a good bonus and high salary. Revenue generators are usually paid well and given adequate incentives with regular increments for their direct contribution to the organization.

  • Revenue generators – This includes the professionals who are directly involved in the process of generating income for the company.
  • Supporting casts – This category includes the professionals assisting and supporting the revenue generators.

Germany is a flourishing country with many job prospects for skilled personnel who wish to migrate to Germany in search of work and PR in Germany. It is a country that offers promising job advancements with definite bonuses and additional benefits.

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