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What is the Canada Facilitation Visa?

Posted on January 11, 2019
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Canada Facilitation Visa

Canada Facilitation Visa is a specific Visa under the TRVs – Temporary Resident Visas. It is offered to nationals of Canada who do not possess the passport of Canada momentarily.

Facilitation Visa as the name indicates assists or facilitates the travel of a Canadian national who holds dual Citizenship to arrive at Canada. There are several cases wherein the individual possess dual citizenships. This is one of Canada, and the other of a foreign nation as quoted by the Visa Guide World.

The individual with twin nationality does not possess the passport of Canada to arrive at the nation due to unforeseen circumstances. However, they are required to arrive at Canada on notice of short-term. Due to this reason, they cannot begin the process of obtaining the passport of Canada. Thus, they are in need of the Canada Facilitation Visa.

The CFV permits these nationals of Canada to arrive at the nation with an overseas passport and be considered as nationals.  They can remain in Canada only for the period needed for completing the emergency visit and have to then exit. It is recommended that they begin the procedures for obtaining the Passport of Canada so as to not require the CFV in the future.

The Canadian Government will not offer the CFV just because this is a convenient option for the applicant. There must also be a verifiable and solid reason for obtaining this Visa. The applicant must also demonstrate that undue hardship will result to them if they do not obtain the CFV. This is for no error committed by them.

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