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What is the Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System

Posted on August 26, 2022
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Highlights about Comprehensive Ranking System

  • The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is a tool that allows foreign nationals to immigrate to Canada through the Express Entry System.
  • CRS score is one of the most influential elements to obtain an invitation to apply (ITA) for Canadian PR using Express Entry.
  • The higher the scores, the more chances to get an ITA. The highest possible score that can be attained under the CRS is 1,200. 

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Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS)

The Comprehensive Ranking System is a tool for the Canadian government that allows foreign nationals to immigrate or obtain Canadian PR country using the Express Entry system that provides you a score upon receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA).

CRS is a point-based system used by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizens Canada (IRCC) to check and give scores to every foreign professional profile submitted to the Express Entry pool.

The applicants who possess the highest CRS scores have a high chance to receive an ITA. If you think that you have fewer scores, then you have some of the elements that will help you maximize your score.

The CRS is been designed by the Canadian government based on the outcomes observed from the economic class immigrants. Considering this research forecasts the success of candidates’ potential for success in the labor market.

CRS Elements

The highest CRS score an applicant can obtain is 1200 points.

CRS Elements CRS Score
Core, Spousal and Skill transferability 600
Additional points components 600
Total 1200

The maximum score that an applicant can obtain under the CRS is 1,200. IRCC gives up to 600 points as key points for an applicant’s immigration based on the following factors:

  • The skills and the work experience
  • Language skills, Education, Spouse or common-law partner factors
  • Skills transferrable, Work experience, including education.

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CRS scores & Explanation

The Federal Program – Express Entry candidate will be able to receive a maximum of 600 points using the first four elements leaving aside the relationship status. The points will be broken down and allocated differently. To obtain the purpose of the article, let us suppose that the applicant does not have an accompanying spouse.

Segregating the additional points component, an applicant can obtain the points in the following manners.

Additional points component Number of points
Provincial Nomination 600
Canadian post-secondary educational credentials 15 or 30
Arranged Employment 50 or 200
French Language Proficiency 25 or 50
Sibling in Canada 15

If the Candidate has upgraded the CRS score, when in the Express Entry pool then they need to update the profile to reflect the changes. Some of the updates will be triggered automatically as well.

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Check your scores

The applicant can check their CRS score before even submitting their profile for Express Entry. IRCC provides the actual score once the profile is submitted along with your supporting documents into the Express Entry system.

The online points calculator along with the IRCC calculator will be as good as the information you provide, always beware of some other CRS calculators which are not accurate.

Once you upload your Express Entry profile in the system, you can take a decision on receiving an invitation to Apply (ITA), as there are ways to maximize your score.

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Apply for Express Entry at the earliest

Age is one of the major factors in the Express Entry System. If you apply when you are in your age between 20-29, you will receive the highest CRS points. Once the applicant crosses age 30, the score points will gradually score to 45. At the age of 45, you will get 0 points. Applying early is one of the easiest ways to increase your score.

Maximize your language score

Proficiency in any accepted language is also an important element. Candidates will be assessed on four skills. Reading, speaking, listening, and writing. Each skill is set a different Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB).

The candidate requires a CLB 4 to begin obtaining the points. There will be a great bump on each level between CLB 6 and CLB 9. The candidate can improve the score to CLB 7 then 8 more points will be added as per the skill. The applicants who are in the Federal Skills Worker Program (FSWP) need to get a minimum of CLB 7 in Reading, Speaking, Listening, and Writing to be qualified for Express Entry.

If you can add French proficiency, you can get up to 6 points for each ability in a second language. In case, French is your first choice of language, you must get NCLC 7 or higher score on all four French language skills and a score CLB 4 or higher on all four English skills for the same point increase. You can get up to 50 additional points with an NCLC 7 and CLB 5.

Enclose your foreign work experience

The applicants’ work experience from foreign will not directly add points to the CRS score. The more your work experience, and integrated the higher your CLB will be positive. As a matter of fact, the applicants whose profile is getting processed through FSWP will already have a minimum of one year of skilled work experience and a CLB 7.

If you have more than a year of work experience from foreign in the skilled occupation category will maximize the CRS score.

If you have work experience in Canada apart from the skilled work experience from foreign will get an additional 13 CRS points to till 50 points if you have two years of work experience.

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Obtain Canadian work experience

Candidates can get up to 80 points for Canadian work experience based on the number of years of work experience. Only one year of skilled work experience from Canada will get 40 points.

Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) is a very common way to get work experience. After finishing an education program in Canada, the PGWP holders will be able to work up to 3 years in Canada, based on the length of the program, and use this experience to score high in CRS.

Get another certificate

Obtaining one more educational qualification will increase the score. If the applicant already has finished a certificate, degree, or diploma of three or more years, they will be getting 112 points. The candidate can maximize her score to 119 points if you get an additional one-year program and acquire another diploma, degree, or certificate course.

Having a sibling in Canada

If the applicant has a sibling in Canada, an additional 15 points if the applicant is a citizen or a PR.

Advantages of PNP program

Some of the provinces check for the candidates in the Express Entry pool, who are eligible for the Provincial Nominee Program (PNPs). During this process, they search for skilled immigrants who can add to the provincial labor force.

The applicants can get up to additional points for immigration that are based on:

  • Canadian education, diplomas, or certificates
  • Valid job offer
  • A nomination from a territory or a province
  • A solid French or English language skills
  • A sibling or a family member who is a permanent resident and citizen

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The total of the core points and the additional points sums up each applicant’s CRS score. Any foreign national who has applied for Express Entry for checks their CRS score using the tool provided without paying any fees.

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If the applicant is eligible for at least one Express Entry program and:

  • The applicants who have not filled an Express Entry complete profile but still is willing to see the CRS score if it suits that person,
  • They were invited to apply either for PR and are interested to see if the change in their Express Entry profile may affect their CRS score or not

Canada used the federal Express Entry System to fast-track applications for three immigration programs to invite skilled workers.

 Federal Skilled Worker Program

 Federal Skilled Trades Program

 Canada Experience Class Program

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All-program draws on candidates from the Express Entry pool. Each program has its own requirements, which the foreign national must meet.

For more information on Canada Express Entry and other immigration programs, click here…

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Free online tool to determine the eligibility.

Foreign nationals planning to immigrate to Canada as skilled workers can check which program best suits them and determine their eligibility by providing answers to a few questions on the federal government website.

The eligible applicants can apply for the three federal programs that use Express Entry, and the federal government’s website will guide them on the next steps, including submitting an online profile to the Express Entry System. The Express Entry system draws were adjourned till June of 2022, and they are expected to resume in July.


Having a low CRS score wouldn’t mean that you will not be getting an ITA. The minimal CRS score itself means your profile can be considered under each drawing. Since July 6, all programs under Express Entry had been resumed in 2022.

More than 1K+ applicants had received ITAs in every draw and the score differ for every draw. One thing you have to do is submit your profile as early as possible and work on improving the scores, and wait till you get an invitation from the IRCC.

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